Monte Carlo Revival Stage 2 April 23, 2022

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Monte Carlo Revival Stage 2 April 23, 2022

The second stage of the ASCC Monte Carlo revival had a slightly lower turnout than the first stage but thanks to multiple entries from Marty, David, and Randy we still had a healthy grid of competitors.


Marty, aka Porsche 917 with a kit-bashed Datsun 240Z.  The small, narrow car ran quite well for its first time out. This was Marty’s first outing in the Monte, with a 7.215 second best lap.


Marty again, aka Vic Elford in a modified Fly Porsche 911 was fast out of the gate with smooth, consistent lap times.  turning in a 6.735 sec best lap.

David, aka Butch out next with a modified SRC Porsche 914, tearing up the course with a best lap of 6.746sec

David aka Wrong Way with a Porsche 911 was predictably quick with a best lap of 6.496 seconds.

Randy aka Bibendum up next with the Big Iron, a modified Pioneer Ford Mustang, lumbering around the course faster than it ought to with a best lap of 7.841 seconds.

Randy aka Paddy returned with the tiny Scaley BMC Mini.  The little car made it around, despite being very tippy with a 9.484 second best lap.

Randy appears again, this time as Radial T/A, with a stock SRC Porsche 914.  These cars really do handle, and a best lap time of 7.648 seconds was turned in.


John B, aka Lotus Jr, took to the course with a modified Fly Porsche 911.  Smooth and consistent was the approach, and it paid off with a best lap of 7.254 seconds.

Russell M aka ChapRacer65 brought his modified Spirit BMW back to the course and the car was much improved this time out, with an 8.177 second best lap.

Last up was Datto with his Saab 96. For the previous stage I said the little Saab’s performance could have been much worse.  Well, this time, it was, the fwd chassis getting absolutely no grip, with a best lap time of 8.963 seconds.

Looking forward to the next round on May 7th.  Join us live on YouTube to see the action.


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