Monte Carlo Stage 3 May 7th, 2022

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There was a big turnout for stage 3 of the Monte Carlo revival, we had 14 heats this time around.

First up was Brian H. aka Painthorse1.  Brian’s SCX MGA had been given a thorough going over, and it showed with quicker lap times, and more confident handling.  Best lap turned was 7.536.

Mark L. up next AKA Peter Araignee with a Scalextric Ford Escort.  Marks first time out with this car turned some respectable lap times with the little saloon’s best lap 7.369 seconds.

Marl L. again, AKA Spyder, returning with his Modifies MRRC Porsche 904.  The little Porsche was a little off its pace of its last outing, but still quick, with a 7.603 second best lap

A guest to the club, Tanner L. AKA T5 ran his Scalextric Mini.  A bone stock mini, and first time on the course, no speed records were going to be set, with a best lap of 11.545.

Marty M. up now AKA Vic Elford, with a Fly Porsche 911.  Very fast class A entry with a best lap of 6.736 seconds.

Marty is back, AKA Porsche 917 with his scratch built Datsun 240Z.   Faster this time out thanks to its sporting decals this stage, it managed a quick 7.100 second best lap.

Dave C. AKA Butch now up with a modified SRC Porsche 914.  This car has proved very quick in the hands of Dave with a best lap time of 6.510seconds

Dave up again AKA WrongWay with his Fly Porsche 911.  Very fast, but a little off his best of series to date time, turning in a 6.772 second best lap



John B. AKA Lotus Jr with a Fly Porsche 911 was again, smooth and confident, with a 7.190 second best lap to show for it.

Marc T. AKA Datto, again running the Scratchbuilt Saab 96 fared somewhat better than the last outing with a best lap time of 8.283 seconds

Next on the course was Randy A. AKA Bibendum with the big Pioneer Mustang, turning in a respectable 7.617 best lap.

Randy again, AKA Paddy, with another Scalextric Mini.  A bit quicker than before, with a 9.098 second best lap time.

Driving for Randy A (Radial T/A) this round was Stephen B in a stock SRC Porsche 914, turning in a best lap of 7.119 seconds his first time driving the car.


Heads up to all competitors – Stage 4 on May 21st will be in the reverse direction of previous stages in the series.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the track or on our live YouTube feed.




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