2018 Series – RevoSlot Porsche GT2 Cup Series

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Series Manager: Marty.
This series will be raced in the first quarter of 2018 (Q1).

In 1996 if you wanted to go endurance racing in the GT2 class you had two options – race a Porsche 911 GT2 or lose.  The Porsches were that dominate in the mid-90’s that they won just about every GT2 race and every GT2 series.  They were the perfect mix of power, handing and more importantly – durability.  The club is looking for the same level of durability in our RevoSlot Porsche 911 GT2 series.  The rules are the most simple one the club has ever used with the goal of putting the focus more on drivers skill than choice of car or set up.

 Final Rule-set

Series Overview

This series is meant to be a driver’s series with the cars being run in stock configurations with very limited modifications being allowed.

The cars will all be stock with the only item open for change to a non-RevoSlot item being the braid.   

Every car will go through a pre-race and post race inspection with this series.

If you want to do anything to your car thats not listed here, don’t!  Cars found to be outside the rules will be disqualified.


Entrance fee per race is $5 for ASCC members and $10 for non-members.

 Models Allowed

  • Any of RevoSlot’s Porsche GT2 models.
    • 74 STP Team Champion 24H Daytona 1997 – Mark L.
    • 55 H&N Team Roock Racing 24H Le Mans 1996 – John B.
    • 27 Tiger Superflo 12H Sebring 1997 – David
    • 24 Tiger Superflo 12H Sebring 1998 – Jordan
    • 64 TSW Team Roock Racing 24H Le Mans 1998 – Randy
    • 65 TSW Team Roock Racing 24H Le Mans 1998 – Marty
    • White Kit RTR – Ary, Stephen, Russell, Alejandro, Shawn
  • Racers must select a livery prior to the series.
  • No more than two of the same liveries are allowed.



  • No modifications to the body are allowed.
  • The stock lexan cockpit and the windows may be Shoegoo’ed in place to keep them secure.
  • Shoegoo may be used to secure body pieces but may not be used in excess as ballast.
  • Body must start every race with all major parts intact including windows and wings.
  • Antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks, and other small, protruding parts from the body are not required.
  • Wings must always be in place during green flag conditions. If wing becomes detached from a car, the wing must be refitted to the car under green flag conditions. The race will not stop for a wing incident. If the driver fails to replace the wing before the end of the heat, a 10 lap penalty will be imposed and laps will not count onwards until the wing is re-placed. If the wing becomes detached in the last 5 seconds of the race (Equivalent to the last lap) no penalty will be imposed.
  • If white body kit is used, exterior of body must be painted with at least one coat of paint.
  • If white body kit is used, the body must have numbers displayed on both sides and the top of the car.
  • The rubber body bumpers must be used.  These can be Shoegoo’ed in place.
  • Body screws must be stock; they can be taped over to prevent loss during the race. The tape may not control body or pod movement. If a screw falls off the car, a 5 lap penalty will be imposed if the screw causes an issue with a competitor’s car.
  • Light kits are permitted, but are not mandatory. Removal of body material for light installation should be kept to a minimum. IE – a hole that allows the LED to be shown is acceptable, but a complete cutting off/removal of a head light bucket is not acceptable. “Too much” will be dictated by the scrutineer.



  • No modifications to chassis are allowed.
  • Sanding the chassis in any way is not allowed.
  • Modifications to the chassis float are not allowed.
  • All chassis screws must be stock and be in place at the start of every race.
  • Front and rear axle holders cannot be modified in any way.
  • Front and rear bearing must be stock.  The use of ceramic bearings is not allowed.
  • Only the stock guides are allowed.  It is suggested to run the wood guide that is included in the box with the car.
  • Pick-up braids are free choice.
  • Traction magnets are not allowed.
  • Ballast is not allowed.
  • Lead wires must be the stock Revoslot wires.  These wires can be hot glued or cellophane taped to the chassis to avoid contact with the front axle.



  • Only the stock RevoSlot motor is allowed.
  • Modifications to the motor are not allowed.


Motor Pod

  • Only the stock RevoSlot motor pod is allowed.
  • Sanding the motor pod in any way is not allowed
  • Modifications to the motor pod float is not allowed.
  • Modifications to the motor holder are not allowed.
  • All motor pod screws must be stock and be in place at the start of every race.



  • Only the RevoSlot 33t spur gears and 12t pinions are allowed.  UPDATE 1-26-18: Due to the lack of available replacement pinions racers are allowed to use the Slot It 12t pinion, part number: SIPS12.  Note: you will have to readjust your gear lash with any new pinion you install.
  • Gear ratio is set.
  • The gear mesh can be adjusted using the motor holder.
  • Modifications to spur gear and pinion are not allowed.
  • The stock grub screw on the spur gear must be used.



  • Only the stock RevoSlot wheels are allowed.
  • Only the stock wheel inserts are allowed.
  • Modifications to the wheels in any way are not allowed.
  • All axle spacers must be left in their original configuration.
  • The front wheel track must be stock and cannot exceed 62mm.
  • The rear wheel track must be stock and cannot exceed 63mm.
  • The stock grub screw on the wheels must be used.



  • Only the stock axles are allowed.
  • Modifications to the axles in any way are not allowed.
  • Only stock axle spacers will be allowed.



  • Only the stock RevoSlot tires are allowed.  Rear tires are part #RS-202, shore 30 tires.  Front tires are part #RS-201, hard tires.
  • Tires may be trued and have their edges rounded.
  • Rear tire outside diameter must not be less than 20.40mm at the end of a race
  • Front tire outside diameter must not be less than 19.40mm – updated 1-7-18
  • Tires may be glued to the wheels.
  • No traction compounds are allowed.
  • Front tires must remain stock and are not allowed to be polished or hardened in any way.


Track Power

  • The series will be raced at 12 Volts.



  • If it is not mentioned it is not legal.
  • These rules were written to create a fair event and not for racers to look for loopholes.
  • Any deviation to these rules must be run by the series manager before the car can be tech’ed.