2024 Q2: BRM Group 2

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The FIA Group 2 Special Touring Car racing series ran from 1970 to 1981. The FIA created the specifications under Appendix J.  The cars raced in a number of race series such as the British Saloon Car Championship and the European Touring Car Championship.

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Race Fees: $5 Premium members, $10 Standard members; $15 guests

Series Overview

This series will be a basically box-stock series.  There are few replacement parts that will be allowed.  All the parts of the model must be the ones used in the box stock car and must be fitted as supplied by BRM.  Part replacement, or modification, can only be done according to the rules herein.

There are 6 cars eligible for this series:

  • The Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior
  • Ford Capri RS2600
  • BMW 2002
  • Ford Escort MK1
  • Opel Kadett GTE
  • VW Scirocco


  • Bodies must be complete in all its parts including filler caps, glass and all interior parts. Mirrors, front winglets, wipers, antennas, and tow hooks may be left off the car.
  • The body cannot be modified in any way nor can it be made lighter by sanding or any other means.
  • You are allowed to re-enforce body part items from the inside of the body with Shoe Goo.
    • These items include:  headlight buckets, filler caps, exhausts, windows and rear lights.
    • Shoe Goo is not allowed to be used as weight. The intent of these rules is to allow strengthening of the body to help prevent crash damage, not to tune the car.
  • White body kits can be used. They must be completely painted so that no unpainted areas are visible.  Clear coating the white plastic body is not allowed.
  • Windscreens must remain transparent. Only window decals as included in the standard models or decals added in self painted kits may be used as long as they are the same size as the stock window decals.
  • Interior windshield, side and rear window “glass” must be fitted to the car at all times.
  • The cockpit, the dashboard and the driver must be present at all times.
  • The cockpit, the dashboard and the driver must be painted.
  • You may reinforce the cockpit with Shoe Goo.


  • Magnets are not allowed.
  • No modifications to the chassis are allowed.
  • Adhesive tape is allowed under the chassis to prevent the loss of screws that fix the body.


  • In no case may the wheels and tires be visible outside the body when viewed from above.
  • Either the standard BRM Group 2 front and rear wheels or the optional lightweight BRM Group 2 wheels can be used.
  • You are not allowed to true any tires with an angled profile.
  • The stock BRM Group 2 Hard front tires are required.
    • You are not allowed to treat the front tires with anything to limit their grip.
  • Racers have two choices of tire:
    • The box-stock shore 30 rubber tire from BRM.
      • Note: These tires are not as durable as the Paul Gage Urethane tires, but do provide superior grip.  Racers are advised to keep the durability aspect in mind with the summer track temperatures.
    • The Paul Gage Urethane, shore 20, part #XPG-21125LMDF.
      • Note: These tires are easy to mount and true.  Be sure you glue them to the rim as well as truing them and rounding their edges.  These tires do not grip as well as the stock tires but they will last significantly longer.
  • Wheel inserts must be fitted to all wheels.
    • Inserts must be painted if they are from a white kit.


  • Only BRM rear bearings are allowed.
  • Rear Bearings may be glued into the chassis.
  • The bearings may not be modified in any way.
  • Only original BRM front bearings are allowed.
    • These may not be modified in any way.
  • Any axle spacers are allowed.
  • Only BRM axles are allowed.


  • Only BRM guide is allowed. You are allowed to use shims between the pick-up guide and the chassis.
  • All guide shims are allowed.
  • All braids are allowed.
  • Braid juice may be added to the braid at any time.


  • Only Stock BRM Electric short-can “BRM BLUE” 19,000 rpm motors are allowed.
  • Motor cannot be fastened to the chassis by glue or tape.
  • Removal or opening of the identification label on the motor is prohibited.
  • All motor leads are allowed.


  • BRM anglewinder nylon or brass 11T or 12T pinions must be used
  • Any BRM anglewinder spur gear may be used

Anything not mentioned in this Rules Book is strictly prohibited.

Track power will be set at 12 volts.