2012 Mille Miglia Series

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Mille Miglia Rules

  1. Car must have competed between 1947-1957. A list of eligble cars can be found in this list compiled from the official Mille Miglia web site.
  2. Commercially available plastic chassis.
  3. Weight may be added to the bottom of the chassis as long as a minimum ground clearance of 2mm is maintained and it is affixed with adhesive that prevent it from coming loose under racing conditions.
  4. Open motor selection.
  5. 15mm wheels fitted with a maximum 22x9mm or 20x9mm rubber or urethane tire.
  6. Period fantasy liveries are allowed.
  7. Timing and Scoring: Drivers must complete 1005 laps throughout the series, run at 67 lap heat intervals over 6 available races (18 available heats).  Drivers who complete more than 15 heats will be allowed to drop their 3 poorest heats. (One from each lane.)  Their total time will be calculated from the selected 15 heats.  There are no points awarded in this series.   

A few examples of commercially available models that competed in the specified time frame follow:

Jaguar C-type
Aston DB3
Maserati A6GCS
Mercedes 300 SLR
Jaguar D-type
Ferrari Uovo
Ford Thunderbird

Porsche 356 Coupe
Porsche 356 Speedster
Porsche 550
Austin Healey (with some grille/bonnet modifications to make it a Austin 100)
Jaguar XK120
Ferrari 166

VW Beetle – raced in MM 1954 as VW 1300 Porsche (Porsche engine?)

Porsche 550

Fiat 600

Mercedes SLR
Mercedes SLR Coupe (“gullwing”)
Mercedes 180 (older Scalextric)

Ferrari 375MM
Lancia D24
Aston Martin DB3S