2016 DTM Series

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2016dtmSeries Manager: Marty; Ass. Manager: David.
This series will be raced in the third quarter of 2016 (Q3).

The DTM series combines the best of a stock series and the best of an open series by putting a beautiful Carrera DTM body on top of a Slot It/Shapeways 3D printed chassis built up with the same Slot It parts collection found on any of the Slot It Group C cars.

This is the perfect series for someone that is just learning to build up a car like you would find in any of our open series while limiting the body, chassis and parts to a very specific list.  Effectively this limits the tuning options to gears, weight and car preparation.

**** Final Rules  ****


Entrance fee per race is $5 for ASCC members and $10 for non-members.

Carrera Models Allowed

  • Audi A5
    • 30707 – Schaeffler, yellow/green
    • 30674 – Audi RS5, red
    • 30658 – Auto Test, white/yellow
    • 30690 – Playboy, black
    • 30657 – Red Bull, blue
    • Shapeways Chassis # S01-ST2


  • BMW M3
    • 27443 – BMW Bank, matte black
    • 30673 – Castrol, green/blue
    • 30661 – BMW, white
    • Shapeways Chassis # S02-ST2


  • Mercedes
    • 27476 – STIHL, orange/white
    • 30659 – Mercedes, chrome
    • 30660 – DHL, yellow/red
    • 30675 – Euronics, blue/yellow
    • Shapeways Chassis # S03-ST2


  • BMW M4
    • 30738 – ICE Watches, black/white
    • 30739 – Crown Plaza, grey/pink



  • No modifications to the body are allowed unless otherwise specified.
  • No lexan cockpits are allowed – all cars must have the stock Carrera hard plastic interiors.
  • Body must start every race with all major parts intact including windows and wings.
  • Antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks, and other small, protruding parts from the body are not required.
  • Wings must always be in place during green flag conditions. If wing becomes detached from a car, the wing must be refitted to the car under green flag conditions. The race will not stop for a wing incident. If the driver fails to replace the wing before the end of the heat, a 10 lap penalty will be imposed and laps will not count onwards until the wing is re-placed. If the wing becomes detached in the last 5 seconds of the race (Equivalent to the last lap) no penalty will be imposed.
  • Body screws are open choice; they may be taped over to prevent loss during the race. The tape may not control body or pod movement.   A special note about the body screws: those used by Carrera in their chassis are quite different from the screws that are generally used in slot cars made by other companies. You must keep the original screws or purchase the custom brass units made by Slot.it – CH89.
  • Light kits are permitted, but are not mandatory. Removal of body material for light installation should be kept to a minimum. IE – a hole that allows the LED to be shown is acceptable, but a complete cutting off/removal of a head light bucket is not acceptable. “Too much” will be dictated by the scrutineer.


  • Only the listed Slot It/Shapeways 3D chassis are allowed.
  • No modifications to chassis allowed unless otherwise specified.
  • Chassis must be of type intended for body.
  • Only flashing on chassis may be removed to allow better floating of the body. If you can see material had been removed you have gone too far.
  • All Slot.it guides are allowed.
  • Pick-up braids are free choice.
  • Traction magnets are not allowed.
  • Ballast is allowed. Ballast must be above the chassis pan / inside the car. No ballast is allowed under the chassis pan. Ballast may be glued or taped. Ballast should not be visible from the outside of the car.
  • Lead wires are free choice, but must not be used to control front axle ride height.
  • Wheel/tire must not protrude outside of the body when viewed from above, no exceptions – this includes axle float.


  • All Slot.it motors are allowed.
  • Modifications to the motor are not allowed.

Motor Pod

  • Inline motor pod orientation is mandatory.
  • The motor pod may not protrude below the chassis.
  • Only flashing may be removed from motor pod to allow better float. Excessive removal of material is not permitted.
  • Slot.it stop collars may be used for the rear axle assembly. Spacers/washers are allowed and are open choice.
  • Slot.it CH14 (stock) spherical bushings are mandatory, and may not be glued into the pod. No tape may be used to control pod float. Tape may be used on pods screws to prevent them from falling out.


  • Only Slot.it gears and pinions are allowed.
  • Gear ratio is free choice.
  • Modifications to gears and pinions are not allowed.


  • Slot It 15″, 16″ and 17″ wheels allowed for both front and rear.
  • Slot.it wheel inserts are mandatory. Inserts may be interchanged from different models.
  • Modifications to the wheels are not allowed.


  • All slot.it axles are allowed.
  • Modifications to the axles are not allowed.
  • Slot.it independent front axle kit is permitted.


  • Only Slot.it tires are allowed.
  • Tires may be glued to the wheels.
  • Tires may be trued and have their edges rounded.
  • No traction compounds are allowed.

Track Power

The series will be raced at 11 Volts.


If it is not mentioned it is not legal.
These rules were written to create a fair event and not for racers to look for loopholes.


Fitting Slot.it chassis for Carrera DTM with Slot.it parts

If you have purchased a 3D printed DTM chassis for Carrera DTM models, or if you’re planning to do so, here’s what you need to know in order to get the best out of it.

These chassis have been designed with SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) in mind. What is SLS? Quoting from 3dprinting.com “This technology uses a high power laser to fuse small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powders into a mass that has the desired three dimensional shape. The laser selectively fuses the powdered material by scanning the cross-sections (or layers) generated by the 3D modeling program on the surface of a powder bed. After each cross-section is scanned, the powder bed is lowered by one layer thickness. Then a new layer of material is applied on top and the process is repeated until the object is completed. All untouched powder remains as it is and becomes a support structure for the object. Therefore there is no need for any support structure which is an advantage over FDM and SLA. All unused powder can be used for the next printing.

SLS was developed and patented by Dr. Carl Deckard at the University of Texas in the mid-1980s, under sponsorship of DARPA.”

In practice, while designing these chassis we kept the minimum thickness of the part in line with the design rules for this specific technology, sacrificing some edge sharpness and replacing the Slot.it complex logo with a simpler ‘Slot.it’ writing.

It must also be taken in account the fact that these cars are quite long and heavy. Shapeways’ SLS 3D process dimensional tolerance guarantees the part to be within +/-0.15mm of the CAD model. This is due to the way the machines operate, and it’s been taken it into account when designing the parts with this technology in mind, as much as possible. In practice, customers may occasionally have to use some sandpaper and file to match parts perfectly. In most cases, from experience, this is not necessary and Shapeways 3D printed products match our standard Slot.it parts or Carrera bodies very well. Any of the Slot.it motor pods may be used with these chassis.  We recommend using 17.3mm front and rear wheels.