2016 Touring Car Series

The ASCC Modern Touring Car series follows the spirit of modern Touring Car series from around the globe, pitting the cars we see on the road each day against each other in the their best racing trim on the track.

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2016 Slot.it Group-C / IMSA Series

Return with us to the days of MTV and Nintendo and the sleek Group C and GTP Prototype race cars. These ultimate sports racers, from the bulletproof Porsche 956/962 to the Jaguars, Toyotas, Nissans, Mazdas, and more, battled for supremacy at Le Mans and Spa and Sebring and racetracks all over the world.

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2016 Modern GT Series

The GT classes of sports car racing offer some of the most exciting and diverse forms of Motorsport. In 2016, our Modern GT slot car series will include GT cars that raced after January 1st, 2005 with a base production of 100 or more.

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2016 DTM Series

The DTM series combines the best of a stock series and the best of an open series by putting a beautiful Carrera DTM body on top of a Slot It/Shapeways 3D printed chassis built up with the same Slot It parts collection found on any of the Slot It Group C cars.

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2016 Rally Series

Group B regulations fostered some of the quickest, most powerful and most sophisticated rally cars ever built. This year we will relive the golden era of rallying by racing Scalextric models of the most famous cars from that period.

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ScaleAuto 4 Hour Endurance Race at Dallas Slot Cars

Cars Entered2

The 4 hour Scaleauto endurance race in Garland at Dallas Slot Cars with the Dallas Slot Car Club and the Tyler Slot Car Club was filled with much pre-race controversy due to issues with the rules and the format for the race.  The controversy put the decision to go for me and the rest of the club up in the air.  In the end I decided to go. Why?  After all the issues with trying…

Formula GP – 2016, Race 6 Results

Formula GP-20160618-cars-4

Our final race June 18 in the Formula GP series only had five racers, but had some exciting action. Dave won this race, with Marty and Steve hot on his heels (who had lowest ET).  These three have been battling for the podium spots all through this series.  Marty won the series by One point over Steve, who actually had 38 series laps over Marty!