2016 Touring Car Series

The ASCC Modern Touring Car series follows the spirit of modern Touring Car series from around the globe, pitting the cars we see on the road each day against each other in the their best racing trim on the track.

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NSR Mosler Series – 2015 Race 5 Results


At COTA the track is cold, the stands are empty and quiet. That’s not the case at the Austin Slot Car Club where track and personal records were thrown away like a old set of tires. Race 5 of this Mosler Series was as much fun to watch as to drive. To watch Marty once again break records. The mighty Mustache set a new lap time of 3.615 , a new total laps of 236.32…

Formula GP – 2015, Round 4 Results


Wow! The steady progression of this series is incredible. Normally, 3.8 seconds laps are considered a feat, something you don’t see often; not to mention 3.7 seconds laps, those are the unicorn’s horn, yet, we had them in abundance on the forth round of the Formula GP Series. Did somebody sprinkle fairy dust around the track before the race? Really fast and consistent racing was the highlight of this race but we also had the opportunity to…