2021 Tourist Trophy – Sponsored by Immense Miniatures

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Series Manager: Russell M.
Period: July- Dec (x1 round per month) 2021-H2

The British Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy Celebration is a race for closed-cockpit GT cars in the spirit of the RAC TT races of 1960-1964. The race takes place at the Goodwood Circuit during the Revival festival and gathers together a multi-million dollar start grid for an action packed round of racing. In 2017 the Austin Slot Car Club will pay homage to it in 1/32 scale.

Rules under review

Fees: ASCC Premium Member $5  Standard $10  Visitor/guest $15

Models Allowed

Closed-cockpit GT cars that raced the Tourist Trophy Series from 1960 to 1964.  This series is open to a good number of 60’s GT cars.  In the past cars made by Racer were eligible, but these cars are somewhat over-scale, closer to 1/30 scale rather than 1/32.  We did have a rule for track-width to create a closer balance of performance for the Racer cars, but they still look out of scale.  For that reason, for this year the Racer cars will not be eligible.  The rest of the cars in the chart below are closer in size and should theoretically be closer in performance.  Also, with the cars being closer in width, it is felt that the limitations in tire size versus rear track width will not be needed.  The rear tire width will be dictated by body width.  As this series is primarily for cars that raced in the Tourist Trophy series at Goodwood, either in period or in the revival, in general, cars that only raced elsewhere will not be allowed.  Specifically, a car like the Corvette Grand Sport is not eligible where C1 and C2 cars are eligible.  We may make exceptions, such as the Cheetah.  I don’t know if any Cheetah ever raced at Goodwood, but, as of now, they will be allowed.  The chart below is not necessarily complete; there may well be other cars that would be eligible.  Since I have not personally found details of all the cars listed, if anyone has specific information, especially if a particular model car may have an advantage due to size or other issue, or any questions or comments about any of the rules, please post comments in the Forum for this racing series: https://austinslotcarclub.com/forums/topic/2021-tourist-trophy-series-h2-2021/


  • Coupes Mandatory: Permitted: Injection-molded or resin body from the approved list (at faithful 1/32 scale)
    • Prohibited: Vacuum-formed/blow-molded (Lexan or Polycarb) bodies. Spyders/open top.
  • Mandatory: Clear window material must be used where the real car has clear material (windshield, and rear window)
    • Permitted: Vacuum formed windows. Windows in the doors (both sides) may be removed.
  • Permitted: Fantasy or realistic liveries. Prohibited: Non-decorated cars (i.e. unpainted white-kits).
  • Mandatory: Racing numbers must be matching and visible in three places on body (e.g. both doors and either hood, trunk, or visor band)
  • Mandatory: OEM Headlights and tail lights – but Not required to illuminate (e.g. the glass or cover cannot be missing; light covers can be closed if that is how the OEM body was molded and the full-scale car was raced)


  • Mandatory: Helmeted 3D driver, with at least a head, shoulders, and arms. Driver shall be positioned where they would be in real life (i.e. in proper seating area and able to “see” out the windshield).
  • Mandatory: Interior, with representation of at least dashboard top and rear shelf, as appropriate to actual car.
    • Permitted: Lightweight materials (Lexan, styrene, paper-shelf, etc.)
    • Prohibited: sticker-drivers, visible drive-train (motor, gears, axle, driveshaft, wires) through windows.


  • Original or universal chassis (e.g. 3D-Printed, Slot.IT HRS/ HRS2, Slotting Plus, etc.)  Prohibited: Metal  chassis.
    • Permitted: Chassis braced, reinforced or strengthened. Body screws taped to prevent loss. Axle height adjustment.
  • Permitted: Slot-car Corner Front Axle Adjusting Pillars/uprights;  B-NOVA guide adaptors (e.g. for Slot.it SICH07 and similar routed-track guides)
  • Open Choice: Guides, pick-up braid, lead-wires, eyelets
    • Permitted: Guide keel/fin *may poke out a Minimum beyond the nose. The majority of the guide must be under the body when viewed from above.
  • Permitted: Motor-pods in any orientation (Inline; side-winder; angle-winder)
  • Permitted: Spring or magnetic suspension packages.
  • Prohibited: Chassis pan, motor pad, gears, ballast  – Cannot contact the track. This is a DQ criteria during Tech Inspection.


  • Permitted: Sealed-can slot car motor (short or long-can) rated up to 25K rpm at 12 Volts.
    • Prohibited: Mods to armature, magnets, bearings, etc.
    • Permitted: Screwing or gluing motor into pod. Pods can be taped or glued to restrict movement.


  • Gears & Axles & Bushings: Open Choice (brand, material, Gear-Ratio) as long as they were made for the chassis in-use.


  • Mandatory: Front and Rear Wheels  Minimum size is nominal 15.8mm diameter (over center-rib)
  • Mandatory: Reasonable scale appearing inserts in all wheels (any brand or style)
  • Permitted: Wheels with scale appearance and detail (e.g. CB Design)
    • Prohibited: Blank disc wheels, or wheels with simple holes  (must have Inserts)

Front Tires:

  • Width: Minimum 7mm; Maximum 10mm
  • Diameter: Minimum 18mm OD; Maximum 24mm OD (when mounted)

Rear Tires: May be of any rubber/urethane compound; must appear to be Black.

  • Width: Maximum 10mm
  • Diameter: Maximum 24mm OD (when mounted)
  • Prohibited: Silicon tires; traction compounds; oil soaking; foam tires
  • Prohibited: Tires may not project beyond wheel wells/skirts when viewed from above. Lips/skirts not allowed if the full size car did Not have them.


  • Maximum Static Weight: 120 grams.
  • Maximum Magnetic Downforce: 30 grams (measured on Magnet Marshall)
  • Permitted: Ballast allowed above the pan/inside car – Must be securely taped or glued. Penalty: 5 laps for loose ballast impacting a competitor’s car.
  • Prohibited: Traction magnets

Track Power

  • 11 Volts.


  • If it is not mentioned it is not legal.  These rules foster a fair event and are not for racers to look for loopholes.