2018 Series – Thunder Slot Lola T70 MKIII

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Series Manager: Russell


**** FINAL RULES ****

Visit Discussion page for comments: https://austinslotcarclub.com/forums/topic/thunder-slot-discussion/

ThunderSlot was founded by Giovanni Montiglio, a designer from NSR who wanted to create a higher quality but more affordable product, based on design elements that proved successful at both NSR and Slot.It.  His inaugural offerings are LOLA T70 MK-III coupes and spyders that were successful in the late 1960s.  These cars have fantastic performance out-of-the-box. Components are high-quality including motors equivalent to Slot.It Orange-end-bells (21.5k), NSR style chassis and triangle motor pods, with durable lightweight bodies plus Lexan interiors.  The use of a similar platform and minimal modifications makes this both a driving and tuning challenge, weighted toward driver skill.

Dates 2018-Q2 – April – June – see Google calendar for exact race days (twice per month)

Fees $5 ASCC Members $10 non-members

Models   // declare dibs at: https://austinslotcarclub.com/forums/topic/thunder-slot-discussion/

  • #2-Red-coupe Surtees/Hobbs-BOAC500 Brands Hatch 1967 (CA00101S/W)
  • #2-Yellow-coupe Bonnier/Axelsson-BOAC500 Brands Hatch 1968 (CA00102S/W)
  • #8-Blue-coupe Leslie/Motschenbacher-Daytona 24Hrs 1969 (CA00103S/W)
  • #30-Blue-spyder Gurney CANAM Bridgehampton 1966 (CA00201S/W)
  • #52-White-spyder Revson CANAM Laguna Seca 1967 (CA00202S/W)
  • White-kit coupe (CA001KS/W)
  • White-kit spyder/CanAm (CA002KS/W)
  • Newer Thunderslot models of Lola and McLaren will be allowed, pending investigation for differences


  • OEM Lexan interiors, hard driver, hard glass mandatory
  • Body must start every race with all major parts intact (e.g. windows, spoilers). Small parts lost in wrecks not required (e.g. antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks)
  • Duplicate liveries must be unique -at least with different race numbers. Fantasy liveries allowed – white kits must be painted or decaled and have at least two numbers.
  • Body screws: OEM Torx-6 mandatory. Optionally taped.
  • Minor Trimming of wheel wells for tire clearance allowed. Excessive trimming determined by Scrutineer.


  • OEM 21,500rpm 175gm-cm motor (MTMach21) mandatory.  Wrapper or can-tattoos clearly identifying motor must be visible during inspection.
  • Modifications (rewinds, armature or magnet substitutions, zapping) prohibited.
  • OEM Can-end screws recommended to secure motor. Gluing allowed.

 Chassis and Motor Pod

  • POD OEM Med (Black MTS001B)
  • CHASSIS OEM Med (Black CHS001B)
  • Re-enforcements allowed (styrene, piano wire, etc) but must be above chassis pan.
  • The body has float with no trimming so trimming is not necessary.  The chassis fits to the body along the side, with no gap. No trimming at all is encouraged.  MINOR trimming to permit float is allowed.  Excessive gap along the body will not be allowed.
  • Traction magnets prohibited. Ballast allowed, must be above chassis pan.
  • All grub screws are open and allowed


  • OEM Guide (GU001) mandatory.
  • Guide spacers allowed/open choice.
  • Pick-up braids and motor-lead wires are open choice. 


  • OEM 11z Nylon Pinion (PN11PL) and 32z 17mm Spur gear (GE32SWP) mandatory.
  • Pinion can be glued with Loctite Red (271)


  • Front: OEM nylon wheels. Slot.it 15X8 alloys (SIW15808215A) allowed.
  • Rear: OEM 15X10mm Alloy Wheels allowed (THRMR002AL) or THRMR001AL
  • OEM Inserts mandatory (can be painted)


  • Front: OEM Treaded 18X9mm (TYC001FR) or Upgrade low-grip16X9mm (TYR003FR) allowed Slot.it  SIPT-15 17×10 Zero Grips allowed.
  • Rear: OEM Treaded Tires (TYC002R) or Upgrade slick 19X10mm (TYR004R standard) allowed
  • Tires may be glued; trued; edges profiled/camfered.
  • Traction compounds prohibited.  Tires cannot protrude beyond wheel-wells/fenders when viewed from above.


  • OEM axles mandatory.
  • Spacers/washers are allowed and open.
  • Front axle height adjustment grub screws are open choice.

 Power  12 volts

 General  If it is not mentioned – contact Series Manager for legality (BEFORE the first race).  Cars may be presented to Series Manager any time before the first race for a test inspection

Thanks to Mark for compiling the Rules