2024 H1: Slot.it DTM

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Series Manager: David C. (aka Butch) and Steve B. (aka Mitleid)
Period: H1 / January – June (1 round per month)

NOTE: Due to scheduled track maintenance in Q2 the final 3 races of Slot.it DTM will be postponed until Q3 and will be run on meeting days.

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters – DTM is a touring car series in the mid-90’sis famous for the quality of close racing between very different makes of cars and the quality of drivers it attracted. The driver mix saw some of racings well established racers along with the some of the newest drivers. The established racers included names such as Klaus Ludwig, Keke Rosburg, Alessandro Nannini and more while some of the new drivers included names like Dario Franchetti, Mika Salo, JJ Lehto, Jan Magnussen that would become famous in the following years. The combination of closely matched cars and fast drivers meant the races were always close affairs with door banging and rubbing being more the rule than the exception.

This series will be run on our road track.

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Fees:   $5 ASCC Premium Members,  $10 ASCC Standard Members, $15 non-members.

Models Allowed

  • Opel Calibra
  • Mercedes 190E
  • Mercedes C-Class
  • Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti – strongly suggest any model starting with a CA4 or a CA5


  • Must use a Slot.it DTM car body.
  • The body cannot be sanded to remove any material.
  • Non-decorated cars like white body kit can be used as long as they follow these rules
    • Bodies must be completely painted.
    • Racing numbers must be visible in three places on body. Racing numbers must match.
    • Bodies may be painted in fantasy or realistic liveries.
  • Interior must include, at minimum, dashboard top. Rear shelf is required under rear window
  • Vacuum formed interiors are allowed. Interior must have the driver figure of reasonable detail and proportion. Champion style and paper drivers are not permitted.


  • Must use a Slot.it DTM chassis that matches the Slot.it DTM body.
  • Chassis can be slightly sanded to remove mold lines. Sanding is not allowed to be used to lighten the chassis.
  • The gap between the chassis and the body cannot be greater than the width of a credit card.
  • Body screws can be taped to prevent loss.

Motor Pod

  • Any model Slot.it motor pod allowed.
  • The motor pod can be sanded to remove any mold lines.
  • The gap between the chassis and motor pod cannot be greater than the width of a credit card.
  • Pods cannot be taped or glued to restrict movement.


  • Any commercially available sealed-can slot car motor is allowed.
  • Magnetic down force from motor may not exceed 30 grams as checked with a Magnet Marshal, exclusive of car weight.
  • Motor can be glued/taped/screwed in place.

Wheels – Front

  • Minimum diameter 15mm
  • Minimum width 8mm

Wheels – Rear

  • Minimum diameter 15mm
  • Maximum diameter 17mm

Wheel Inserts

  • Slot.it DTM wheel inserts are required

Tires – Front

  • No coating allowed on front tires
  • Minimum front tire width is 7mm. Front tires may be profiled so that a narrower area contacts the track, but must otherwise be full width.
  • Zero-Grip (front) F30 (rear) tires highly recommended.

Tires – Rear

  • Maximum rear tire width is 12mm.
  • Tires must appear to be black.
  • No chemical treatment (such as oil soaking) is permitted.


  • The guide may not project beyond the body when aligned for straight, as viewed from directly above.

Set Up

  • Wheels, tires, gears, axles, guides, braids, wires, and bearings may be modified or replaced by any manufacturer’s parts that are readily available to all competitors.
  • All wheels must fit under the cars body when viewed from above
  • Minimum ground clearance measured at the start of the race must be 1mm as measured under the rear axle
  • There must be a visible gap between the chassis and the racing surface
  • Maximum magnetic downforce from the motor – 30gr
  • Weight/ballast can be added to the car but must be contained on the inside of the body.
  • Maximum weight – 120gr
  • No traction magnets allowed.

Track Power

  • The series will be raced at 12 volts


  • If it is not mentioned it is not legal.  These rules were written to create a fair event and not for racers to look for loopholes.