2023 H2: Monte Carlo Rally Revival 1972-1982

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1974 Alpine racing in snow

Series managers: Marc T. (aka Datto)
Period: H2, July – December (1 round per month)

The Monte Carlo Rally was begun in 1911 to showcase advances in automotive technology, and to promote Monaco as a tourist destination. The decade between 1972, and 1982 Was a time of rapid technological advancement, giving us startling performance and dramatic rally action.

This is a “builder’s series” designed to encourage scratch-building and kit-bashing, also meant to encourage a varied field of cars. like the real Monte.

RTR cars are welcome, but not eligible for the Concours.

Join the discussion for Monte Carlo Revival 1972 – 1982 over in our forums.

Race Fees: $5 Premium members, $10 Standard members; $15 guests


ASCC Rally course.




Decided on the day of the race.

Eligible Cars

One of the aims of this series is to see a variety of cars and approaches.

  • Any car that ran the Monte between 1972 – 1982.
  • Entrants should be prepared to provide verification that the car raced in the Monte during the period in the configuration entered. Wheel flares, wide axles, etc.
  • Cars should be a reasonable 1/32 depiction of the 1:1 prototype.


  • Class-W: Rear tire width (at bulge) 8mm and wider.
  • Class-N: Rear tire width (at bulge) under 8mm.
  • Tires are measured at the widest point. If either the front or rear tires measure wider than 8mm the car will be placed in the W-Class.
  • Cars that start a series in one class must remain in that class for the duration of the series.
  • In order to preserve the sanity of the race managers, only one entry per class is permitted per event, per member.
  • Changing cars between stages is permitted.
  • The driver, not the car is being scored.
  • Groups A and B will not be used for this series.

Model Configuration

  • Permitted: Any hard plastic injection molded or resin-cast or 3D printed 1/32 model.
  • Prohibited: Vacuum-formed body shells.
  • RTR slot cars/shells are allowed but are not eligible for Concours.
  • Re-liveries and white kits will be eligible.
  • Cars must have an interior tray (Vacuum-formed permitted) and figures for Driver (with steering wheel) and Navigator.
  • Permitted:  Fantasy liveries are allowed – but must be true to the period. Historical liveries are encouraged.

Chassis/Drive Configuration

The series is pretty wide open in this area, so go for it.

  • Chassis
    • Any plastic or 3D printed chassis.
    • Chassis may be stiffened/reinforced
  • Motor/drive configurations are open
  • Open Choice: Guide/braid/motor leads
  • Open Choice: Gear Ratios, pinions, crowns/spurs
  • Open Choice: Axles, front & rear
  • Ballast is permitted, no weight limit is imposed.  Ballast must be above the pan, non-visible.

Ground Clearance

  • Chassis, motor pod, and drive gears must not contact or damage the track, copper tape, or timing system.

 Wheels & Tires

  • Wheels/inserts must be a good-faith effort to depict wheels on 1:1 prototype vehicles, or at least be period correct.
  • Wheels/tires must not protrude beyond wheel arches as viewed from above (If the prototype car had wheels protruding beyond wheel-wells/fenders, documentation must be provided to the race manager, and must be to scale)
  • Mandatory: Wheel inserts or wheels with scale detail.
  • Mandatory: Maximum tire Width front or rear (at bulge)
    • Class W: 8mm and over
    • Class N: under 8mm
  • Mandatory:Tire diameter should not look out of place for the 70s and early 80s.  No rubber bands on rims will be allowed.
  • Permitted: Rubber or urethane tires
  • Permitted: Coating of front tires with Nail varnish or C/A
  • Prohibited:  Silicone or sponge tires
  • Prohibited: Traction compounds

Concours Competition Rules

This is a “builder’s series” designed to encourage scratch-building and kit-bashing, also meant to encourage a varied field of cars. like the real Monte.

RTR cars are welcome, but not eligible for the Concours.

Every scratch-built car that competes in a round of the Monte Carlo series is eligible to compete in the Monte Carlo Concours competition.

The Concours competition will take place after the final round.

The Concours winner will be selected by votes cast by fans and followers on the club’s Facebook page.  The winner will be the one with the most votes.