2020 – RevoSlot

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Series Manager: Marty.
This series will be raced in the first half of 2020 (H1).

This series is meant to be a driver’s series with the cars being run in stock configurations with very limited modifications being allowed. 

The cars will all be stock with the only items open for change to a non-RevoSlot item being the motor wires, braid and axle spacers.   

Final rules

Fees: Entrance fee per race is $5 for ASCC premium members, $10 for standard members and $15 for non-members.

 Models Allowed

  • Any of RevoSlot’s models are allowed.
    • Porsche GT2
    • Marcos LM600
    • Dodge Viper
    • Toyota Supra
  • Racers must select a livery prior to the series.
  • No more than two of the same liveries are allowed.


  • No modifications to the body are allowed.
  • The stock lexan cockpit and the windows may be Shoe Goo’ed in place to keep them secure.
  • Shoe Goo may be used to secure body pieces but may not be used in excess as ballast.
  • Body must start every race with all major parts intact including windows and wings.
  • Antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks, and other small, protruding parts from the body are not required.
  • Wings must always be in place at the start of every heat.  The wings must be held on securely with glue or tape, so they will not fall off during a heat.  The penalty for starting a heat without the wing will be 5 laps.  There will be no penalty for losing a wing during a heat. 
  • If white body kit is used, exterior of body must be painted with at least one coat of paint.
  • If white body kit is used, the body must have numbers displayed on both sides and the top of the car.
  • The use of the rubber body bumpers is optional.  These can be Shoe Goo’ed in place.
  • Body screws must be stock; they can be taped over to prevent loss during the race. The tape may not control body or pod movement. If a screw falls off the car, a 5 lap penalty will be imposed if the screw causes an issue with a competitor’s car.


  • No modifications to chassis are allowed.
  • Sanding the chassis in any way is not allowed. 
  • Modifications to the chassis float is not allowed.
  • All chassis screws must be stock and be in place at the start of every race.
  • Front and rear axle holders cannot be modified in any way.
  • Front and rear bearing must be stock.  Ceramic bearings are not allowed.
  • Only the stock deep guides are allowed.
  • Pick-up braids are free choice.
  • Traction magnets are not allowed.
  • Ballast of any type is not allowed.
  • Lead wires are free choice.  These wires can be hot glued or taped to the chassis to limit the contact with the front axle.


  • Only the stock RevoSlot motor is allowed.  FK-130, SC-0015B
  • Modifications to the motor are not allowed.

 Motor Pod

  • Only the stock RevoSlot motor pod is allowed.
  • Sanding of an older motor pod is allowed in order to make the length of the opening equal the newer castings length of 26.5mm from the 25.5mm they are in their stock form.
  • Modifications to the motor pod float is not allowed.
  • Modifications to the motor holder are not allowed.
  • All motor pod screws must be stock and be in place at the start of every race.


  • Only the RevoSlot 33t spur gear and 12t pinions are allowed.
  • Gear ratio is set.
  • The gear mesh can be adjusted using the motor holder.
  • Modifications to spur gear and pinion are not allowed.
  • The stock grub screw on the spur gear must be used.


  • Front wheels must be the stock RevoSlot.
  • Rear wheels must be the stock RevoSlot.  If you are running a Viper or Toyota you will need to either purchase the 10mm wide wheels, #RS-109 or use the stock 11mm wheels and run an o-ring spacer on the wheel along with the 10mm tires.
  • All wheels must have wheel inserts.
  • Wheel inserts from any RevoSlot car can be used on any of the RevoSlot models.
  • Modifications to the wheels in any way are not allowed.
  • Axle spacers are open choice.
  • The front wheel track must not exceed 62mm.
  • The rear wheel track must not exceed 63mm.
  • The stock wheel grub screws must be used.


  • Only the stock axles are allowed.
  • Modifications to the axles in any way are not allowed.
  • Axle spacers are open choice. 


  • Rear tires must be RevoSlot RS-202.  These are the stock tires on the Porsche and the Marcos but are not on the Viper and Supra.  If you are using the stock 11mm width wheels on the Viper or Toyota the use of an o-ring on the rear wheel to allow the 10mm tires will be permitted.  The o-ring you will need is ½” I.D., 5/8” O.D., width 1/16”, industry number #014. 
  • Front tires must be stock, part #RS-201, hard tires. 
  • Tires may be trued and have their edges rounded.
  • Tires may not be trued in a conical shape
  • Front tires are not allowed to be polished or hardened in any way.

 Track Power

  • The series will be raced at 12 Volts.


  • If it is not mentioned it is not legal.
  • These rules were written to create a fair event and not for racers to look for loopholes.
  • Any deviation to these rules must be run by the series manager before the car can be tech’ed.