Track Rules

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General Track Conduct Rules

  • Do not climb on the track or driver stations
  • Do not touch the track landscaping
  • Do not go behind or under the track
  • Do not pull the controller cords
  • Do not set your controller on the track at any time
  • Do not have drinks of any kind on or around the track
  • All cars must run in the same direction
  • No unescorted minors below the age of 16 are allowed in the track area.

Racing Etiquette

  • No foul or abusive language.

Those found in violation will receive a warning by the clerk of the course, a second violation will result in disqualification in the heat race and a third violation will result in the driver being sent home.

  • No shouting.
  • No intentional nerfing, rough or irresponsible driving that demonstrates a deliberate disregard for other competitors and their equipment.
  • No “head hunting” – deliberately crashing into an opponent.
  • Do not distract other drivers whether in your race or while spectating.
  • Be courteous to all racers, marshals, guests and shop personnel.
  • Do not lean over the track in a manner that would block the other driver’s clear vision of the track.
  • No car liveries can display any sexually explicit or otherwise distasteful wording or images.

Marshall Conduct

  • Marshals are not allowed to talk to the drivers during a race.
  • Marshals are not allowed to talk to the spectators during a race.

Spectator Conduct

  • Do not talk or distract the drivers.
  • Do not talk or distract the marshals.
  • Do not talk or distract the Clerk of the course (Button marshal).
  • Keep a clear distance from the drivers.

Individuals who cannot behave within these guidelines will be asked to leave.