2011 Trans-Am Series

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The following are series specific rules. The club’s general racing framework can be found here: Race Series Format.


a) Entrance fee per race is $5 for ASCC members, and $10 for non-members.

Models Allowed

a) Mustang 1965 to 1974
Brand: Scalextric or Pioneer
b) Camaro 1965 to 1974
Brand: Scalextric


a) No modifications to the body are allowed


a) No modifications to chassis are allowed.
b) Pick-up braids are free choice.
c) Traction magnets are not allowed.
d) Ballast is allowed. Ballast must be above the chassis pan / inside the car. No ballast is allowed under the chassis pan. Ballast may be glued or taped. Ballast should not be visible from the outside of the car. If ballast finds its way off the car, a 5 lap penalty will be in place if ballast causes an issue with a competitor’s car. The same goes for lost screws.


a) No modifications to the motor are allowed


a) No modification to gears are allowed


a) Modifications to the wheels are not allowed.


a) Modifications to the axles are not allowed. 


a) Any brand of rubber or urethane tires are allowed.
b) Tires may be not be glued.
c) Tires may be trued and have their edges rounded.
d) Nail polish may be applied to the front tires.
e) No traction compounds are allowed.

Track Power

a) The series will be raced at 11 Volts.


a) If it is not mentioned it is not legal.
b) These rules were written to create a fair event and not for racers to look for loopholes.

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