2022 Monte Carlo Rally Revival 1961-1971

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Monte Carlo mini

Monte-Carlo Mini

Series Manager: Marc T/Datto
Schedule: Q2 2022 (April – June) – (2 rounds per month)

Innovation and Controversy

The Monte Carlo Rally was begun in 1911 to showcase advances in automotive technology, and to promote Monaco as a tourist destination. The decade between 1961, and ’71 developed into a contentious arms-race of creative engineering, and creative interpretation of rules.

This is a “builder’s series” designed to encourage scratch-building and kit-bashing, but RTR cars meeting the rules are welcome. 


Track  ASCC Rally course.

Series Note  Multiple entries are permitted per owner, but each entry will require a unique “driver persona” (call sign) for the scoring software.

Eligible Cars

One of the aims of this series is to see a variety of cars and approaches.

  • Any car that ran the Monte between 1961 – 1971.
  • Entrants should provide verification that the car and livery raced in the Monte during the period.
  • Cars should be a reasonable 1/32 depiction of the 1:1 prototype. 


  • Class-A: Rear tire width (at bulge) 9mm and wider. Commercially available, unmodified motors.
  • Class-B: Rear tire width (at bulge) under 9mm.  Commercially available, unmodified motors, 18k or less RPM.

Model Configuration

  • Permitted: Any hard plastic injection molded or resin-cast 1/32 model.
  • Prohibited: Vacuum-formed body shells.
  • RTR slot cars/shells are allowed but are not eligible for Concours.
  • Cars must have an interior tray (Vacuum-formed permitted) and figures for Driver (with steering wheel) and Navigator.
  • Permitted:  Fantasy liveries allowed – but must be true to the period.

Chassis/Drive Configuration

  • Chassis
    • Any plastic or 3D printed chassis.
    • Chassis may be stiffened/reinforced
  • Motor
    • Class-A: Open to all commercially available, unmodified motors.
    • Class-B: Open to all commercially available, unmodified motors rated at or below 18K rpm
  • Open Choice: Guide/braid/motor leads
  • Open Choice: Gear Ratios, pinions, crowns/spurs
  • Open Choice: Axles, front & rear
  • Ballast permitted, no weight limit imposed.  Ballast must be above the pan, non-visible.

Ground Clearance

  • Chassis, motor-pod and drive gears must not contact or damage the track, copper tape, or timing system.

Wheels & Tires

  • Wheels must be a good-faith effort to depict wheels on 1:1 prototype vehicles.
  • Wheels/tires must* not protrude beyond wheel arches as viewed from above (If the prototype car had wheels protruding beyond wheel-wells/fenders, documentation must be provided to scrutineer, and must be to scale)
  • Mandatory:  Wheel inserts or wheels with scale detail.
  • Mandatory:  Maximum tire Width front or rear (at bulge)
    • Class A: 9mm and over
    • Class B: under 9mm
  • Mandatory:  Tire diameter should be scale to prototype within 10% after truing.
  • Permitted: Rubber or urethane tires
  • Permitted: Coating of front tires with Nail varnish or C/A
  • Prohibited:  Silicone or sponge tires.  Traction compounds.

Here is a link to the forum on this series to discuss Rules.

Here is a link to the forum on the cars being built by members.  https://austinslotcarclub.com/forums/topic/monte-carlo-rally-61-71-series-car-builds/