2021 Targa Florio

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Series Manager: Erik K.
Period: 3Q2021 – July – Sept

Our rally-car series is a tribute to the 1970-73 running of the classic Italian road race that weaves through villages and towns in the mountains of Sicily near the island’s capital of Palermo. Founded in 1906, it was the oldest sports car racing event until ended in 1973. By the mid-1920s, the Targa Florio had become one of Europe’s most important races, as neither the 24 Hours of Le Mans nor the Mille Miglia had been established yet. Grand Prix races were still isolated events, not a series like today’s F1. The Targa was a rally that took place on closed-off Sicilian public roads with hay bales and wood guardrails as the only safety features for spectators. The mountain roads were extremely twisty and average lap speeds never reached over 80mph even up to the final years of the race’s history, even with the very long straight at the northernmost of the track.

Trivia: Porsche named the hardtop convertible 911 after the Targa as a tribute to the brand winning many times.

Final Rules

Fees: $5 Premium $10 Standard $15 guest


NSR Porsche 908/3 Sloter – Lola T280/T290PB Fly/GB-Track – Chevron B19/B21
Slot.IT – Alfa-33T Slot.IT/Policar – Ferrari 312 Nonno Slot – Abarth 2000


  • Mandatory: OEM shell, cockpit, glass. Prohibited: Non-OEM Lexan/vacuum formed parts.
  • Mandatory: Body must start every race with all major parts intact (incl. windows & wings). Wings must be in place at heat start. Permitted: Antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks, and other small parts do not have to be repaired/replaced.
  • Mandatory: Duplicate liveries must be unique with different race numbers, decals, or wing colors. Fantasy liveries encouraged – white kits must be painted and numbered.
  • Options: Body screws: OEM Steel or Slot.IT brass smooth-shank allowed; taping to prevent fall-out.  Permitted: Light Kits
  • Permitted: Slight trimming of body in wheel wells allowed for tire clearance. Prohibited: “Excessive” trimming (as determined by Scrutineer.)


  • Open Choice: Commercial small-can motors (FC-130 S-Can) under 25k RPM are allowed.
  • Wrapper required at first tech inspection. Can-tattoo must be visible if wrapper has ripped or unglued. Prohibited: Motor modifications (rewinds, armature swapping, magnet zapping or substitutions)
  • Permitted: M2 grub-screw and gluing to secure motor.


  • Mandatory: Sidewinder orientation. Permitted: Any hardness pod
  • Prohibited: Pod cannot hang below the chassis.  “Excessive” trimming (as determined by Scrutineer.)
  • Mandatory: NSR and Nonno Slot: must use OEM Style SW pod; All others use Slot.IT SW


  • Prohibited: Modifications to chassis – unless specified below. Options: Any hardness chassis allowed.
  • Note: For NSR sidewinder triangle pod – rear cross-brace must be removed. Permitted: Minor trimming of chassis allowed to fit body, tires and improve float.
  • Prohibited: “Excessive” trimming (as determined by Scrutineer.)  Traction magnets:
  • Permitted: Ballast, must be above chassis pan.
  • Options: Sloter Lola: may use Olifer-3D; Fly Chevron: may use CG Slots-3D; All others must use OEM chassis.


  • NOTE: Guide blade/keel length must be =< 17mm in length to clear tight turns.
  • Open Choice: Guide spacers, pick-up braids and motor-lead wires
  • Options: NSR and Nonno Slot: must use any model OEM brand guide; All others brands have Open Choice in the guide (e.g. Slot.IT, ScaleAuto)


  • Open Choice: Gear ratio. Options: NSR and Nonno Slot must use NSR brand gears; All others are Open Choice.


  • Front: NSR 16×8; Ferrari 14×8; Alfa 15×10; Lola 14×8; Chevron 15×8; Nonno 16×8
  • Rear: NSR & Nonno 16×8 OEM type; All others 15×8 ~ 16×8 open choice.
  • Mandatory: Inserts; Options: Any style and brand that fit


  • Mandatory: Axle and Bushing brand must be as installed OEM.  Prohibited: Independent front axles.
  • Open-choice: Stop-Collars, spacers/washers. Axle height adjustment grub screws. Permitted: Axle bushings can be glued.


  • Front: NSR & Nonno OEM; All others Open Choice – Width 8mm Min, 10mm Max
  • Rear: NSR & Nonno any NSR Max 20×11; All others Max 20×11 Open Choice
  • Permitted: Tires may be glued; trued; profiled/chamfered.
  • Prohibited: Traction compounds.  Tires cannot be visible beyond wheel-wells/fenders when viewed from above.


  • Voltage: Adjustable per racer, round, and heat.
  • 40 lap heats.  Direction, lights on/off, and other conditions announced by series manager on forum.
  • If it is not mentioned – contact Series Manager for legality (BEFORE the first race).  Cars may be presented to SM any time before first race for a test inspection.