2024 Q4: NSR Formula 22

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Series managers: John B. (aka Lotus Jr.) with Marc T. (aka Datto)
Period: Q4 / October – December (2 rounds per month)

Modern Formula One is one of the greatest spectacles on the planet.  Twenty cars vie  for the World Championship in countries across the globe.  From the streets of Monaco, up Turn One in Austin and down the Strip in Las Vegas,  the carbon fiber monocoque chassis powered by turbocharged V6 engines turn lap times faster than any of their predecessors ever have.  Design wizards such as the legendary Adrian Newey  build race cars that are finest examples of cutting edge technology. The budgets are immense, the drivers in are paid millions and the racing is legendary.

ASCC members have good fortune to have Formula One in our own backyard just a few miles from HQ.  We have seen these cars race, were stunned by the two second pit stops and even walked the pit lane to see these incredible machines up close.  NSR has built a class of cars known as Formula 22 to replicate the modern F1 car.   This is a near spec based series with some outside gear options allowed and will be run on our road track.

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Race Fees: $5 Premium members, $10 Standard members; $15 guests

Models Allowed

  • NSR Formula 22


  • Stock helmets or Interlagos 1/32 helmets from Electric Dreams.
  • Mandatory: Body must start every race with all major parts intact including wings.  Permitted – Antennas, mirrors, other small parts Not-required to be replaced after crash damage
  • Mandatory: White Kits must be painted, and unique with colors, decals, numbers Undecorated models in colors must have at least 3 legible numbers. Custom liveries allowed
  • Open-Choice: Body screws (NSR OEM or smooth shank Slot.it, NSR, or Slotting Plus)
  • PROHIBITED: Lexan bodies or cockpits.


  • Open-Choice: NSR branded Formula 22 chassis – any hardness
  • Permitted: Chassis may be sanded only enough to facilitate float. Series Manager may disqualify (DQ) car if excessive material is removed.
  • Mandatory: NSR brand guides  Options: Wood Depth/Screw Post #4859; OEM Snap-In #4841; Long Keel Screw Post #4845, Long Keel Snap-In #4843
  • Open-Choice: Motor wires and pick-up braids
  • Permitted: Ballast (must be above the chassis pan; inside the body)
  • PROHIBITED: Magnets.  (Magnet must be removed from stock chassis).

Motor & Pod

  • Mandatory: NSR OEM Motor King-21 EVO-3; #3023   21.4k Rpm 350gm-Torque
  • Mandatory: NSR OEM #1288 Extra-Hard Red Inline-configuration
  • Permitted and Encouraged: M2 Motor retaining screws (flat-head or grub); or gluing motor to pod
  • PROHIBITED: Motor pod protruding below chassis more than 0.25mm, Suspension springs.


  • NSR Inline Crowns: NSR # 6324, 6325 or OEM #3227
  • Optional: Slot.it Inline Crowns* : 27zGI27Bz (black) 25zGI25Bz (orange) 24z GI24Bz (green) *Subject to further testing & approval.
  • RECOMMENDED: Brass/bronze vs. Alloy/aluminum (brass seems to be more durable
  • Permitted: NSR #6327 Formula 22 OEM 10 tooth pinion only.  NSR #4105 pinion puller is needed for adjustment or removal. The club will have one of these tools for everyone to use.

Wheels & Axles

  • Front Wheels-Permitted: NSR OEM # 5030 only.
  • Rear Wheels-Permitted: NSR OEM #5031 16.5×10 or NSR #5033 16.5×12 Spanish
  • Permitted:   Foam Donuts, or O-rings to fill Air-System Rib Gap
  • Mandatory: NSR OEM Formula 22 wheel inserts.   May be painted
  • Mandatory: NSR OEM #4892 Solid axles for front and rear
  • Open Choice: Stop collars, spacers, and washers
  • Mandatory: OEM NSR brass bushings
  • Permitted – Gluing brass bushings to the pod
  • MAXIMUM TIRE WIDTH: 68mm for Front Wheels and 65mm for Rear Wheels


  • Front Tires-Permitted: NSR No-Friction OEM (NSR #5296N 19×19.5)
  • Rear Tires-Permitted: NSR Super OEM #5294S 19×13 or NSR #5295 19.5 x13 in Super, Ultra or Extreme compounds.
  • Permitted and Encouraged: gluing, truing, and camfering/rounding of the tires edges.
  • PROHIBITED: Traction compounds and glazing the front tires with nail polish or Super-Glue/CA.

Track Power

  • 11 Volts


Any part not mentioned must be a NSR Formula 22 stock part as provided with the car. Contact Series managers (John or Marc) with ANY questions on the rules. Post questions and suggestions to the Forum NOT via emails.  All rules may be amended by testing and are subject to final approval by managers at end of Q2.