Race Series Format

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The Austin Slot Car Club hosts various racing series throughout the year.  This section contains the rules and general race-series framework for each series we sponsor. Specific rules related to each defined series will be documented within the series’ rules document.


All of Austin Slot Car Club’s races are open to non-members. Unless specified by the rules of a specific series, all competitors must be at least 14 years old. If a competitor younger than 14 has demonstrated the maturity and skill necessary to compete in a racing series the organizer of the series may make an exception.

Race Format

All races will follow the same general format.

  • Each racer will race once in each lane.
  • Each heat will be 5 minutes long, for time limited series; or 72 completed laps, for fixed distance series.
  • There will be a 2 minute break between each heat race. Drivers needing more time to complete repairs on their cars can ask the clerk of the course for additional time, not to exceed 10 minutes.
  • When not racing, drivers shall corner marshal.

Race Groups

Starting in 2014 the Austin Slot Car Club will be using a new bracket system that will split the competitors into two groups – an “A” and a “B” group. The goal of the change is to give new racers an opportunity to race against other new racers for points in all the races while racing alongside the clubs more experienced racers to learn how to drive from those that have already put in their time.

  • “Group A” racers are those that have finished in the top three in the final results of a race series in the past two years or are running lap totals that are inside 5% of the winners lap count for at least four races.
  • “Group B” racers are those that are running lap totals under 5% of the winners lap count or are new to the club and have not raced in a quarterly series.

Group Transitions:

  • Any Group B racer that finishes within 5% of the winners lap total in four or more races within a quarterly series will have the option to move to Group A. This means that a racer can move up within a series after the fourth race in the series.
  • Any Group B racer that finishes within 5% of the winners lap total in four or more races within two quarters of racing will automatically be bumped to the A group.
  • Once in Group A, a racer cannot move back to Group B. This can be appealed to the club’s board for review.


  • Points are awarded for most overall laps completed during a race, regardless of racing groups. The driver with the most laps will be awarded 1st place points, the person with the second most laps will be awarded the 2nd place points and so on. An extra, 1 point, will be awarded for the fastest lap driver of each racing group.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • 1st: 20 points
  • 2nd: 19 points
  • 3rd: 18 points
  • 19th: 2 points
  • 20th: 1 points
  • 21st: 1 points
  • 99th: 1 point
  • Fastest lap driver of Group A: +1 point
  • Fastest lap driver of Group B: +1 point
  • Points from a participants five best races count towards their total.
  • Ties will be settled by most laps raced.
  • Secondary ties are settled by which driver had the most fast laps during the series.


  • Races costs listed below do not apply for special event & Iroc races.
  • $5 per race for ASCC premium members.
  • $10 per race for ASCC basic and trial members.
  • $15 per race for non-members.

Minimum Number of Competitors

  • For a race to be valid, there must be a minimum of 3 racers.
  • With only 3 competitors each driver will race on his own while the two other drivers will marshal.

Clerk of the Course

  • The racing series manager will act as clerk of the course, he will have the ultimate and final say in any and all disputes.


  • All cars will be scrutinized at the start of every race to make sure they are in compliance with the Race Series rules. Those cars found not to be in compliance will be given 5 minutes to make corrections. If they are not ready after the 5 minutes the race will start without them.
  • Cars must enter scrutineering as they will enter the race. Any wings and/or spoilers must be firmly attached at the start of every race.
  • Each racer will have their car checked by the Magnet Marshall to ensure that magnetic downforce does not exceed the amount specified by the specific Race Series rules.
  • All cars must run with adhesive lane-color indicators during all races.


Racers may use their own controllers or rent one from the club ($2 per day for a non-exclusive use).