2012 Classic GT Series

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Classic GT Rules

  1. Car must have competed on a GT race between 1959-1969. Here is a list of eligible cars and their respective slot or kit version: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnTrOlHMZa9JdFU4TElsMHpuQWNNR0hfNklERUhNRXc#gid=0
  2. Plastic chassis only.
  3. Podded chassis are allowed.
  4. Inline motor setup is mandatory.
  5. Weight may be added to the bottom of the chassis as long as a minimum ground clearance of 1.5mm is maintained and it is affixed with adhesive that prevent it from coming loose under racing conditions.
  6. Open motor selection.
  7. 15mm wheels fitted with a maximum 22x10mm rubber or urethane tire.
  8. Period fantasy liveries are allowed.
  9. Minimum interior requirements are:
    • Helmeted 3D driver figure, with representation of at least head, shoulders, and arms.
    • Driver shall be positioned somewhere near where he would be in real life (ie-in proper seating area and able to “see” out the windshield).
    • Interior, with representation of at least dashboard top and rear shelf, as appropriate to actual car (Lightweight materials may be used). 
    • Interior must be so that one cannot see drivetrain (motor, gears, axle, driveshaft-etc) when looking in through windows.
    • Must have full windshield and full rear window. Must also have any rear passenger windows in place. Windows may be vacuum formed.Only the windows in the doors, both sides, may be removed.

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