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Series Manager: Russell 
Schedule: Q2-2020 (April-June) – see Google calendar for exact dates.

ThunderSlot was founded by Giovanni Montiglio, a designer from NSR who wanted to create a higher quality but more affordable product, based on design elements that proved successful at both NSR and Slot.It.  His inaugural offerings are LOLA T70 MK-III coupes and spyders that were successful in the late 1960s.  These cars have fantastic performance out-of-the-box. Components are high-quality including motors equivalent to Slot.It Orange-end-bells (21.5k), NSR style chassis and triangle motor pods, with durable lightweight bodies plus Lexan interiors.  The use of a similar platform and minimal modifications makes this both a driving and tuning challenge, weighted toward driver skill.

Final Rules*

Fees: Entrance fee per race is $5 for ASCC premium members, $10 for standard members and $15 for non-members.


  • #2-Red-coupe Surtees/Hobbs-BOAC500 Brands Hatch 1967 (CA00101S/W)
  • #2-Yellow-coupe Bonnier/Axelsson-BOAC500 Brands Hatch 1968 (CA00102S/W)
  • #8-Blue-coupe Leslie/Motschenbacher-Daytona 24Hrs 1969 (CA00103S/W)
  • #30-Blue-spyder Gurney CANAM Bridgehampton 1966 (CA00201S/W)
  • #52-White-spyder Revson CANAM Laguna Seca 1967 (CA00202S/W)
  • White-kit coupe (CA001KS/W)
  • White-kit spyder/CanAm (CA002KS/W)
  • *Newer Lola models allowed.  McLaren M6A Allowed,  McLaren Elva is not allowed


  • OEM Lexan interiors, hard driver, hard glass mandatory
  • Body must start every race with all major parts intact (e.g. windows, spoilers). Small parts lost in wrecks not required (e.g. antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks)
  • Duplicate liveries must be unique -at least with different race numbers. Fantasy liveries allowed – white kits must be painted or decaled and have at least two numbers.
  • Body screws: OEM Torx-6 mandatory. Optionally taped.
  • Minor Trimming of wheel wells for tire clearance allowed. Excessive trimming determined by Scrutineer.


  • OEM 21,500rpm 175gm-cm motor (MTMach21) mandatory.  Wrapper or can-tattoos clearly identifying motor must be visible during inspection.
  • Modifications (rewinds, armature or magnet substitutions, zapping) prohibited.
  • OEM Can-end screws recommended to secure motor. Gluing allowed.

 Chassis and Motor Pod

  • POD OEM Med (Black MTS001B) mandatory.
  • CHASSIS OEM Med (Black CHS001B) mandatory.
  • Re-enforcements allowed (styrene, piano wire, etc) but must be above chassis pan.
  • Although the OEM body has float -and naturally fits close to the chassis- MINOR trimming to permit float is allowed – however excessive gap prohibited.
  • Traction magnets prohibited. Ballast allowed, must be above chassis pan.
  • The small nub on the top of the motor pod directly behind the front motor pod mounting screw can be removed to more easily add ballast.
  • Any spacers on the front body mount posts may be used to provide clearance for tires or front spoilers.


  • OEM Guide (GU001) and new THGU00 deep wood guide allowed
  • Guide spacers – open choice.
  • Pick-up braids and motor-lead wires – open choice. 


  • Pinions and spur gears are open choice
  • Pinion can be glued with Loctite Red (271)


  • Front: OEM nylon wheels -or- Slot.IT 15X8 alloys (SIW15808215A) allowed.
  • Rear: OEM 15X10mm Alloy Wheels allowed (THRMR002AL) or (THRMR001AL)
  • OEM Inserts mandatory (can be painted)


  • Front: OEM Treaded 18X9mm (TYC001FR) or Upgrade low-grip16X9mm (TYR003FR) allowed Slot.IT SIPT-15 17×10 Zero Grips allowed.
  • Rear: OEM Treaded Tires (TYC002R) or Upgrade slick 19X10mm (TYR004R standard) allowed.
  • Tires may be glued; trued; edges profiled/camfered.
  • Traction compounds prohibited.  Tires cannot protrude beyond wheel-wells/fenders when viewed from above.


  • OEM axles mandatory.
  • Spacers/washers – open choice.
  • Front axle height adjustment grub screws – open choice.

 Power  12 volts

 General  If it is not mentioned – contact Series Manager for legality (BEFORE the first race).  Cars may be presented to Series Manager any time before the first race for a test inspection.


  3 comments for “Thunderslot

  1. GEARS – is it true that only NSR spurs can be substituted for the Thunderslot, since they use the same ~1/32 diameter axle? (i.e. slightly smaller than a English 1/32).

    3/32 = 0.09375 (a little less than 1/10 inch) ~~ 2.38125 mm
    Drill blanks are available in 0.0938 (3/32) and 0.0935 (smaller)
    0.0938 = 2.38mm
    0.0935 = 2.37mm

  2. I am not sure on how NSR or other manufacturer gears will fit. Racers are free to experiment. I will probably retain original gears.

    These rules should be posted in the Race Rules section but I am not sure how to do that.

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