2023 Q4: Policar Vintage F1

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1972 Belgie Stommelen March

Series managers: Erik K. (aka StabnSteer) with Marc T. (aka Datto)
Period: Q4, Sept 21* – Dec 2 (*Note early start due to Holiday Season)

Change was in the wind for Formula One in the early 1970s.  Gone were the spindly high-winged efforts of the turn of the decade, as the age of aero was starting to get underway.
Come join us on our road course for exciting open wheel racing with Policar’s beautiful vintage F1 cars, and join us in discussion over in our forum in the thread for the 2023 Policar Vintage F1 series.

Race Fees: $5 Premium members, $10 Standard members; $15 guests

Eligible Cars

  • Any of the current range of Policar GP cars listed on this page, with the exception of the monposto cars or Ferrari 126 C2: https://www.policar.it/formula-1/
    1972 Ferrari 312 B2
    1970 Lotus 72, 72E, 72D
    1970, 1971 March 701
    1971 BRM P160
  • New models are appearing on occasion. In the event other 70’s models appear between now and the series, they will be considered on a case by case basis. If the new model is not in the group above, ask first.


  • Cars may race in the original Policar liveries or may be repainted if desired. While real 70’s liveries are desired, all one has to do is look at F1 in the 70’s to come across Lord Hesketh’s cars…so paint ’em as you like ’em.

Body shell

  • Must be original Policar and be as complete as possible.
    Front and Rear wings, glass and driver head must be securely attached to the car at the start of every race.
  • All parts shipped with the car will be required at the beginning of the race season. Minor modifications of the parts can be performed to deal with poor fit. If parts break during the season, the general expectation is that the parts will be repaired – within reason. Requests to exclude a part from a car during the season due to terminal breakage must be brought to the series managers and a decision will be made.
  • Parts may be glued in place as desired.
  • Body screws are open.

Chassis & Motor Pod

  • All cars must use a genuine Policar F1 motor mount and gear box assembly. Part numbers PC-H01, PC-H01as, PC-H03, PC-H03as.
  • MINOR modifications are permitted to these mounts to make them fit. What constitutes “minor” is up to the judgment of the series managers so ask before you begin modifying.
  • Chassis and body screws may be loose or removed as desired.
  • Grub screws may be fitted in the holes provided at the front of the chassis to set the front axle height.


  • All cars must be powered by Policar PMX01 25000 RPM motor.

Gears & Rear Axle

  •  All cars must use genuine Policar gears & rear axle. The optional Policar rear axle ratios are permitted.

Wheels & Tyres

  • Front wheels must be original that came with the car.
  • Front track width must remain standard.
  • Front tires must be part PPT1220C1.
  • Front tyres may be glued and trued.
  • Rear wheels must be the plastic originals or the Policar aluminium replacement parts no PWH1234-AL or PW16011724A. Note that Lotus 72E and 72D will be required to change their rear wheel and tire type.
  • All wheels must have inserts that match on all 4 corners.
  • Overall width of rear, measured over the rear wheels and tyres (bulge to bulge on mounted tire) must not exceed 62.2mm. Car must fit into jig created for tech that is available near Erik’s or Marc’s stations.
  • Rear tyres may be one of these Policar options  (PPT1310C1, PPT1219C1 PPT1219F22) OR any other tire that matches the maximum width measurement of 11.9mm. Measurement will be taken via calipers from mounted tire, bulge to bulge. If no bulge, from wheel edge to wheel edge.
  • Rear tyres may be glued, trued and chamfered if desired.
  • PROHIBITED: Traction compounds. Glazing of front tires with Nail Polish or Super-Glue/CA


  • Must be a genuine Policar guide as supplied with the car.
  • Braids & Lead Wire are free choice.

Additional Weight

  • Weight may be added inside the car only.
  • No weight will be allowed underneath the chassis and any added weight must not be visible outside the car.

Track Power

  • 11 volts.