2023 Race Series

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H1 – Ford vs Ferrari.  Big Track – Series managers – John B (aka Lotus Jr.) with Marty M. (aka porsche917)

Q1 – Slot.it Group C.  Big Track – Series manager – Marty M. (aka porsche917)

Q2 – RevoSlot Group 2.  Rally Track – Series manager – David C. (aka Butch

H2 – Monte Carlo ’71-’82.  Rally Track – series manager – Marc T (aka Datto) and Randy .(aka Radial TA)

Q3 – BRM Group 2.  Big Track – series manager – Russell.(Chapracer65)

Q4 – Policar Vintage F1.  Big Track – series manager – Marc T (aka Datto) and Erik K. (aka StabnSteer)