2019 Series – BRM Group C 1/24

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Series Manager: Stephen / Shawn.
This series will be raced in the second half of 2019 (H2).

The FIA’s Group C formula was designed primarily for the World Endurance Championship which included the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, several smaller series also adapted the Group C regulations. The Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft allowed Group C cars to compete alongside various other types of cars from the 1982 season until 1985, when the series was reformed as the Supercup. Under the new Supercup series, only Group C cars would be allowed to compete. This series lasted until 1989.

  1. The BRM CARS
  • All BRM angle winder Group C cars in general release are allowed.
  • All the parts of the model must be the ones used in the box stock car and must be fitted as supplied by BRM.
  • Part replacement, or modification, can only be done according to the rules herein.
  • Bodies must be complete in all its parts including filler caps, glass and all interior parts. Mirrors, front winglets, wipers, antennas, and tow hooks may be left off the car.
  • The body cannot be modified in any way nor can it be made lighter by sanding or any other means.
  • You are allowed to re-enforce body part items from the inside of the body with Shoe Goo. These items include:  headlight buckets, filler caps, exhausts, windows and rear lights. On the Toyota you may add Shoe Goo to the side parts of the body to keep them in place (multi piece body).  Shoe Goo is not allowed to be used as weight. The intent of these rules is to allow strengthening of the body to help prevent crash damage, not to tune the car.
  • White body kits can be used. They must be completely painted so that no unpainted areas are visible.  Clear coating the white plastic body is not allowed.
  • Windscreens must remain transparent. Only window decals as included in the standard models or decals added in self painted kits may be used as long as they are the same size as the stock window decals.
  • Windscreen must be fitted to the car at all times.
  • Rear wing attachment can be reinforced with glue, tape or sponge rubber, provided the body shape is not altered. No tape is allowed on the top surface of the wing at the start of a race.
    • On the Big and Small wing Porsche you may use a small piece of tape from the endplates to the side of the body to re-enforce the wing.
    • Toyota’s rear wing mount may be taped to the chassis but must be able to be removed; it must not be glued into the chassis.
    • Sauber Mercedes with the magnetic wing can have a small piece of tape to retain the wing to the body only through the center of the wing upright.
  • Car cannot be raced without the rear wing. If the wing comes off during a heat, it must be reattached or replaced before the start of the next heat.
  • Straightening the chassis is allowed only through the process of baking the chassis.
  • Filing the chassis other than what is shown on the club’s website is not allowed.
  • There should not be more than a credit card space between the chassis and the body.  
  • The chassis can be cleaned from injection flash only.
  • Magnets are not allowed, the magnet retaining cover must be fitted at all times.
  • Adhesive tape is allowed under the chassis to prevent the loss of screws that fix the body.
  • The cockpit, the dashboard and the driver must be present at all times.
  • The cockpit, the dashboard and the driver must be painted.
  • You may glue the driver to his seat.
  • You may reinforce the cockpit with Shoe Goo.
  • Maximum rear wheel track width is 83mm for all models
    • In no case may the wheels and tires be visible outside the body when viewed from above.
  • Maximum front wheel track width is 82mm for all models
    • In no case may the wheels and tires be visible outside the body when viewed from above.
  • Only Scaleauto SC-2424P wheels/tires are allowed.
  • Only Scaleauto SC-4830 may be used on existing BRM rear rims
  • The diameter of the rear tires must not be less than 26.5mm at the start of the race.
  • You may radius the outer edge of the Scaleauto SC-2424P sponge tires to assist in body clearance; however, you may not modify the body to get the wheels to fit inside the wheel arches.
  • You are not allowed to true any tires with an angled profile.
  • Only Scaleauto SC-5300 tire cleaner treatment is allowed.
  • Only stock BRM front tires or the S-022S lowered front tires are allowed.
    • You are not allowed to treat the front tires with anything to limit their grip.
    • The outer diameter of the front tires can’t be less than 22mm.
  • Wheel inserts must be fitted to all wheels.
    • Inserts may be from any BRM Group C car.
    • Inserts must be painted if they are from a white kit.
  • Only BRM rear bushings are allowed.
    • The stock rear bearings may be placed in the upper or lower position.
    • The optional middle position rear bushing number S-011AWC is allowed.
      • Rear Bushings may be glued into the chassis.
      • The rear bushings may not be modified in any way.
    • Only original BRM front bearings are allowed.
      • These may not be modified in any way.
    • Rear axle stoppers from any manufacture are allowed.
    • Any 3mm axle spacers are allowed.
    • Both axles must be BRM.
  • Only BRM guide number S-026SS is allowed. You are allowed to use shims between the pick-up guide and the chassis.  
  • All guide shims are allowed.
  • All braids are allowed.
  • Braid juice may be added to the braid at any time.
  • Only BRM motors are allowed:
    • BRM T-027 motor ( S-031) – red label – 23.5K, 212gr.
    • BRM T-RS motor (S-032) – pink label – 22.5K, 340gr.
    • BRM T-RS EVO (S-033S) – black label – 25K, 325gr.
  • Motor cannot be fastened to the chassis by glue or tape.
  • Removal or opening of the identification label on the motor is prohibited.
  • All motor leads are allowed.
  1. GEARS
  • Only the following BRM pinions are allowed
    • 11T – S075, stock pinion
    • 12T – S076
    • 13T – S077
  • Only the following BRM spur gears are allowed
    • 38T – S-067S, clear
    • 41T – S-066S, black, stock spur gear
    • 42T – S053, teal blue
  • The minimum weight for any BRM car is 160 grams.
  • You are allowed to add weight to the car.
  • All weights must be located inside the car and should not be visible. 

Anything not mentioned in this Rules Book is strictly prohibited.

Track power will be run at 11 volts.