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      The updated rules for the upcoming Slot.it Group C series are posted here.  Please note the two changes listed in bold font.  These are subtle changes and the cars you ran last year will almost certainly work under the new rules.

      Slot.It Group C Models Allowed

      Jaguar XJR6, XJR9, XJR10, XJR11, XJR12
      Lancia LC2/84, LC2/85
      Mazda 787B
      Nissan R89C, R90V, R91VP
      Porsche 956, 962, 962C, 962 IMSA
      Sauber C9 Mercedes
      Toyota 86C, 88C, JTK 63C

      -The body cannot be modified in any way.
      -The stock plastic cockpits and glass are mandatory
      -Lexan cockpits or glass are prohibited.
      -Body must start every heat with radiators, windows, and wings in their correct location.  If any of these items fall off during a heat they must be repaired before the next heat starts.
      -Antennas, mirrors, wipers, and tow hooks are not required and do not have to be replaced if they come off.
      -White kits are allowed but must be painted, or uniquely decaled with at least one coat of paint. At least two numbers must be visible.
      -Body screws open choice.  These can be taped to prevent loss. Any car that loses a screw and causes an issue with a competitor’s car will have a 5 lap penalty applied.

      -No modifications to the chassis are allowed.
      -Chassis must be Slot.It or Policar that is intended for the body.
      -Motor pod cut-outs can be removed.
      -Flashing on the chassis may be removed to allow better floating of the body.  The gap between the chassis and the body cannot be greater than the thickness of a credit card.
      -Front axle lower adjustment caps are optional.
      -Modification to the upper axle loops is prohibited.
      -Front axle height adjusting grub screws are open choice.
      -Magnets of any type are prohibited.
      -Ballast is allowed but must be above the chassis pan. A 5-lap penalty will be imposed if ballast falls onto the track and causes an issue with a competitor’s car.

      -Slot.it guides are mandatory.  The Slot.it SICH-07 deep wood screw guide highly recommended.
      Guides can be sanded and profiled.
      -Pick-up braids are open choice.
      -Guide spacers are open choice
      Set Up

      -Wheel/tire must not be visible outside wheel-well/fender when viewed from above.
      -The static weight of the car cannot exceed 120 grams.
      -Magnetic downforce cannot exceed 30 grams.
      -The rear wheel track cannot be wider than 63.5mm.

      -Slot.it V12/4 23K motors are mandatory.  The older version of this motor has a dark orange end while the newer motors have a white end.
      -The small circuit board on top of the motor can be removed.
      -Any modifications to the motor are strictly prohibited.
      -Lead wires and lead wire guide terminals are open choice.

      Motor Pod

      -Slot.it in-line motor orientation is mandatory.
      -The motor pod is prohibited from protruding below the chassis.
      -Flashing may be removed from the motor pod to allow better float. Excessive removal of material determined by the scrutineer.
      -Motor can be held in place with screws.  Screws are open choice.
      -Motors cannot be held in with tape or glue.
      -Slot.it stop/axle collars are allowed.
      -Spacers/washers are open choice.
      -Slot.it CH14 or CH56b spherical bushings are mandatory.
      -Pod screws are open choice.
      -Tape may be used to prevent the pod screws from falling out.
      -Tape over the motor pod to limit pod movement is not allowed.
      -Slot.it suspension kits are not allowed.

      -Slot.it in-line crown gears and pinions are mandatory.
      -All versions of Slot.it in-line crowns are allowed.
      -Gear ratio is open.
      -Modifications to crown gears or pinions are prohibited.

      -Slot.it wheels are mandatory.

      Rear wheels – Diameter – 15.8mm or 16.8mm
      Width – 8.2mm or 10mm
      Material – Aluminum or magnesium

      Front wheels – only 15.8mm wheels are allowed.
      Diameter – Only 15.8mm
      Width – Only 8.2mm
      Material – Plastic, aluminum, or magnesium

      -Slot.it wheel inserts are mandatory
      -Any Slot.it Group C wheel inserts may be used.
      -Any modifications to the wheels are prohibited.

      -Only Slot.it axles are allowed.
      -Any modifications to axles are prohibited.
      -Slot.it independent front axle kit is not allowed.
      -Axle spacers and axle stops are allowed.

      -Front tires must be Slot.it tires.
      -Front tires must be 10mm wide.
      -Rear tires can be any 10mm width Slot.it tire or any NSR tire from the list below.

      Note as of 2-17-24 – The Slot.it G25 in the 11.3mm width was shown as an approved tire but that is not correct and it is no longer allowed to be used.  This is in keeping with the maximum 10mm width rear tire rule.

      -Tires may be glued to the wheels, trued, and have their edges rounded.
      -Traction compounds are prohibited.
      -Varnishing the front tires to make them slick is not allowed.
      -Zero-Grip (front) tires are highly recommended.
      Track Power:    12.5 volts


      If it is not mentioned it is not legal.  These rules were written to create a fair event and not for racers to look for loopholes.


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      Well… not sure what I’ll be running tomorrow.  I have graduated from melting a body with acetone to having a chassis melted in the oven.  I didn’t have the correct size aluminum pan to do the water bath so I was “air baking” it and had yet to retrieve the chassis from the oven when my wife preheated it for baking.  The results are what you would expect.  That said, it is FLAT!

      Melted chassis.

      I think I have another Mazda chassis in the parts locker, but if not I’ll have to select a car from the archives.  (Thankfully, it is plenty deep.)

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      Brian — Interesting alternative architecture, how many hundredths of a second did those mods “shave” (or should I say “melt”) Off ?




      /* completely joking of course, some Shxt happens …

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      Attention All

      Note as of 2-17-24 – The Slot.it G25 in the 11.3mm width was shown as an approved tire but that is not correct and it is no longer allowed to be used.  This is in keeping with the 10mm width maximum rear tire rule.


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