2013 Race Series

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At the 2012 Annual Meeting the Austin Slot Car Club discussed and ratified the 2013 racing schedule. The big differences in the 2013 race calendar are the reduction of races by two full series along with a more varied selection of races.

The 2013 schedule will have one race series every quarter with six races in each series and two additional race series with one six race series taking place in the first half of the year and the other taking place in the second half of the year.

The goal of reducing the number of races is to give racers enough time to adequately prepare cars for each of the races.  The reduction of race series will also allow the club to put on more one off races like a 3 hour endurance race for Slot It Group C, a Targa Florio endurance race and other options to be named later.

The new schedule will also have a more varied look with only three of the six series allowing Slot It cars while the remaining three are split between a club favorite – BRM, a Scalextric semi-open GT series and a touring car proxy series to start the year off.

Good luck to all the racers and start getting your Touring cars and BRM’s ready to go.  January is not that far away.

Annual Series – 4 series per year, two races per month:   

            Q1- Touring Car Series: based on SCI Touring Car Proxy.
Q2- LMP Series: year 2000+, open to all slot car brands.
Q3- Group 5 Series: open to all slot car brands.
Q4- Scalextric GT Series: stock chassis & body, upgraded mechanincs.

Semi-Annual Series – 2 series per year, one race per month:

            H1 (Jan-Jun)- BRM Group C Series.
H2 (July-Dec)- Slot.it Porsche 911 GT1 Series: stock series.

One-Off Options: 

           3 hour enduro with one hour night session – 2 per year
Targa Florio endurance race 1960-1969

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