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      Slot It Models Allowed

      Alfa Romeo 155 V6Ti
      Mercedes 190E
      Mercedes C-Class
      Opel Calibra


      Modifications prohibited (except as follows)
      OEM hard cockpits and Glass mandatory;  Lexan cockpits prohibited.
      Body must start every race with all major parts intact (e.g. windows and wings).  Antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks, and other small parts damaged from accidents do not have to be replaced.
      Wings mandatory during green flag. Wing repairs must occur during green flag. Wings not replaced before end of the heat incur 10 lap penalty. Wing’s lost or damaged in last lap do not incur a penalty.
      White kits allowed – but must be painted (or decaled uniquely) with at least one coat of paint.  At least two numbers must be visible.
      Body screws open choice.  Optionally taped to prevent loss. If a screw falls off the car and causes an issue with a competitor’s car, Five lap penalty applied.

      No modifications to chassis allowed unless otherwise specified.
      Only the stock OEM Slot.It chassis for the mode is allowed.
      Chassis must be of type intended for body.
      Only flashing on chassis may be removed to allow better floating of the body. Excessive removal determined by scruitineer.
      Front axle lower adjustment caps allowed. Modification to the upper axle loops is prohibited.
      Slot It bushings are allowed for the front axle.
      Slot.It guides mandatory – SICH-07 deep wood screw guide highly recommended.
      Pick-up braids open choice.
      Traction magnets prohibited.
      Ballast allowed; must must be above the chassis pan. 5 lap penalty will be imposed if ballast falls onto track and causes an issue with a competitor’s car.
      Lead wires – free choice.
      Wheel/tire must not we visible outside wheel-well/fender when viewed from above.

      The stock Slot.It 21K (black end-bell) motors mandatory.
      Modifications to motor are prohibited with the exception of removal of the circuit board on top of the motor.
      Motor Pod

      Only the stock CH-110 OEM motor pod is allowed.
      Motor pod prohibited from protruding below chassis.
      Only flashing may be removed from motor pod to allow better float. Excessive removal of material determined by scrutineer.
      Spacers/washers open choice.
      Slot.it spherical bushings mandatory.
      Tape may be used to prevent the Pod Screws from falling out.

      Slot.It gears and pinions mandatory.
      Gear Ratio open-choice.
      Modifications to Crowns or Pinions prohibited

      Only the stock Slot.it short hub aluminum 15.8 x 8.2 wheels allowed on the rear.  Front wheels must be stock 15.8 x 8.2 plastic or the aluminum versions of the same dimension.
      Slot.it DTM wheel inserts are mandatory.
      Inserts may be interchanged from different models.
      Modifications prohibited.

      Only Slot.It axles allowed.  Modifications to axles prohibited.

      Only Slot.It tires are allowed.
      Tires may be glued to the wheels, trued and have their edges rounded.
      Traction compounds prohibited.
      Nail polish on front tires is prohibited.
      Zero-Grip (front) F30 (rear) tires highly recommended.

      Track Power:    12v


      If it is not mentioned it is not legal.  These rules were written to create a fair event and not for racers to look for loopholes.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      Please add the Mercedes C Klasse AMG car to the eligible list.  I own one now.

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        Avatar photoDatto

        Yes, I second including the C Klasse.

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      Avatar photoDatto

      The draft rules on the splash page are just a placeholder. At least I hope so.

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      Avatar photoStabnSteer

      So, what is the status of these rules? I have heard that they are a placeholder and that were allowed to do lots more than in these rules. I’m working on my rear wheels and checked the rules to be surprised by, “Only the stock Slot.it short hub aluminum 15.8 x 8.2 wheels allowed on the rear,” since I was under the impression this was open along with any tire choice (the rules say Slot.it only). Can we get this stuff clarified so I can get my car completed, please. 🙂

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      Avatar photoButch

      Final DTM rules are posted

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