Thunderslot 2022 Series Race 4 results

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Thunderslot 2022 Series Race 4 was held on April 23 and, basically, turned into a two-horse race between Ary and Marty.  Heat 1 was dominated by David, who completed 76 laps to Stephen’s 70 laps and Randy’s 61.  David increased to 77 laps for Heat 2, but Marty joined with a 79-lap run, while Randy improved to 66 laps.  Marty and David both turned fast laps in the 3.6 second range.

Marty stepped it up for Heat 3, increasing to 80 laps, with a best of 3.620.  John came in with 74 laps and Randy his 66 again.

Heat 4 was the barnburner, with Marty and Ary both turning 81 laps and 3.585 second best laps.  Marty got his best lap first.  Steve says the software actually times to four decimal places but the displayed times only go to three places.  In any case, they were both credited with fastest race laps.  John improved to a respectable 76 laps, only good for third.  Ary covered 81 laps again in Heat 5, John was second and Steve was third.

For the final heat, Ary completed 81 laps for the third time; David was second with 77 laps and Steve had 75.

A pretty impressive race, with Marty’s excellent 240.71 total laps only good for second place next to Ary’s 243.86.  Ary is the only driver to run all four races, but he will miss the next one.  It remains to be seen what will happen in the last two races.



View the race on YouTube here:

Austin Slot Car Club – Thunderslot – Race 4 – April, 23rd 2022 – YouTube



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