Monte Carlo Revival Stage 1 April 9, 2022

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Monte Carlo Revival Stage 1 April 9, 2022

We had a great turnout for the inaugural stage of the ASCC Monte Carlo Revival rally.  Impressive variety of entries, especially from Randy Alexis, who entered three cars!

Temperature at HQ was pleasant, even at mid-afternoon when the rally began.

This was a bit of a shakedown cruise for many of us.


First up was Brian H with his lovely SCX MGA, small, narrow car.  Brian was getting the feel of it on our twisty rally track.

Marc T was next with his scratch built front wheel drive Saab 96.  First time driving the rally track and a newly built car with a different drive setup; it could have been much worse.

Up next was Russell M with a Spirit BMW 2002.  Russ turned some smooth laps, the high roofed BMW did not seem ready to be tossed around.

Erik K with another Saab 96, this one rear wheel drive. Another freshly built car, it turned in a respectable performance, and will certainly be refined as the series progresses.

Randy A (aka Bibendum) entered with an SRC Porsche 914, pretty much bone stock.  These little cars love the twisties!

Randy again!  (aka Paddy) ran a little Scalextric Mini, with just a wheel and tire upgrade.  Not the fastest car of the day, but great fun to watch, and an iconic car for the Monte.

Up next was Mark L with his Revell Porsche 904.  Mark turned in an impressive time with a very narrow little car.  Very fast.

Randy up again (aka Radial T/A) with a real Yank Tank!  A Pioneer Mustang.  The biggest, and by far heaviest (101 plus grams) entry surprised everybody, even Randy, with a solid and smooth drive.

John B entered with a Fly Porsche 911 sporting a 3D printed chassis.  Fast laps, and few mistakes made for a fast session.

Rounding out the day was David C with his modified SRC 914.  A printed chassis and mild 17k slim-can motor , along with David’s mad driving skills, made for the best time of the day.



Thanks to Ary, Steve and everyone involved with getting the timing on the rally track working again. Thanks for all who participated. Thanks Steve, again for making everything run on race day.

Pretty happy with our first stage, hope to see everybody for stage 2 on April 23rd!  Be sure to check out our live broadcast on our clubs YouTube channel.


  4 comments for “Monte Carlo Revival Stage 1 April 9, 2022

  1. Mark
    Great article and photos(!!) of a great race series. Wonderful to see such a variety of cars with period-correct liveries. Some truly amazing builds. Many surprising results with cars not expected to be competitive. Everyone at the track had a great time–a lot of laughter and applause. Well done!

  2. Love those pictures. I am glad to see the results. I have decided to put a new chassis under the Porsche 914/6. My curiosity has been satisfied about stock vs. 3D. I believe I could have been driving the Porsche faster as it is, but it was the first time out on the rally track and I did not have another car to measure against, or timing equipment. It sounded rough from the drivetrain.

    The Mustang should get the name Bibendum in honor of its French team. I think I can drive it swifter now that I have a feel for the track and car. This two class format is even more fun than I expected. It did get dirty during that first stage but no body damage. The guys have partly rolled up the side windows as they started climbing and the cold wind picked up. The big 360 V8 puts out plenty of heat.

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