Group C – Race #6 – Final Results

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The final round of the Group C series was very different than the other rounds in one big respect – the track was very slick and was slower than the previous five rounds.

The field was slightly smaller as some racers took this round off knowing they had the ability to drop two of the rounds for this six-round series.  This meant that a racers best four rounds would count towards the overall classification.


This round of the series also saw a member drop in to do just this one round to make sure he could still keep up with the others.  It would be interesting to see if this interloper would have any impact on the other racers standings by potentially taking away some of their much-needed points.

The track room was a comfortable 78 degrees while the temperature outside was a warm 88 degrees.  The track temp was 77 degrees and should have been in great shape for the final race in the series but that was not the case.  The track was cleaned prior to the race but was still very slick.  The power also seemed to be down but the digital readout was checked and found to be correct at 12 volts.

The challenging conditions affected the racers with very few being able to get over the 70 lap mark in any of their three heats.  There were also some spectacular crashes as the racers were pushing too hard for the slippery track conditions.  If you are one that goes to the races to watch the crashes you should watch the YouTube video of this round of the series.

The final results had Marty and his gold Porsche Jagermeister 962KH on top with only 219 laps and a fast lap of 3.894.  Steve had a good run to finish second with 209.86 laps with his Nissan R89C.  David was third with 208.35 laps with his Lancia LC2.  Fourth place was John and his Martini Lancia LC2 with 206.28 laps.  Fifth was Alejandro in his rental Jagermesiter Porsche 962KH with 205.27 laps.  Sixth was Brian and his Taka-Q Toyota 88C with 201.12 laps.  The seventh place finisher was Randy with his Jim Beam Porsche 962KH with a total of 195.74 laps.

After all the rounds were tabulated and the two lowest rounds dropped for each racer the overall winner of the Group C series was Marty and his two Porsche 962KH cars and a total of 83 points.  Ary and his Lancia LC2 was second with 80 points.  David in his Lancia LC2 and Steve with his Nissan R89C were tied for third both with 72 points but David gets the place as he had run 14.3 laps more.  Fifth place was John and his Martini Lancia LC2 with 67 points, Mark and his Repsol Porsche 962KH was sixth with 61 points, Randy and his Jim Beam Porsche 962KH was seventh with 59 points.  Russell and his Budweiser IMSA Porsche 962 only ran three round and finished in eighth place with 46 points.  Interloper Alejandro and his rental Porsche 962KH finished in ninth place running only one round and finishing with 16 points.  He was tied with Erik and his Mercedes C9 but took the spot due to more laps completed.

Congratulations to everyone that competed.  Just like all youth sports, everyone was a winner.  The joy of running these truly great cars and competing with friends and making memories will live on way beyond

a set of F30 tires.  I enjoyed every moment.

We are already looking forward to running it again next January.  I can’t wait!


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