Group C – Race #5

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The fifth round of the Group C series took place on Saturday the 26th of March.  There were seven racers present with two of the club’s usual racers absent for personal reasons.  The seven racers that did show up were there to make the most of the opportunity.

The first heat was one of the most interesting as David’s Lancia LC2 was having some issues.  This is highly unusual as David’s cars are usually set up perfectly and are always at the sharp end of the field.  His first heat was off 14 laps from his usual result.  It would be a challenge to bring back that many laps.  Having said that, David would be out for the next few heats before he came back on the track.  Hopefully this time would allow him to get his car back on pace.  At this point it looks like the six other racers would be able to take advantage of David’s lack of performance.

As challenging as this race was going to be for David the rules for this series allow every racer to drop their two worst rounds.  The rules normally allow a racer to drop one round but due to COVID the club voted to allow racers to drop two rounds for the Q1 series.  Great news for David and the two other members that had to miss this round.

Russell had his Porsche IMSA car running well and managed to take the top spot in the first two heats.  In the third heat Steve joined the race for his first heat and he and his Nissan finished first just ahead of Russell.  Ary joined the race on the fourth heat and set the mark with 74 laps and a fast lap of 3.954.  The fifth heat was all Ary again with his Lancia LC2 running 75 laps and a new lower fast lap of 3.929.  The sixth heat had Ary at the front again but his time only running 72 laps.  Ary did manage to lower the fast lap to 3.924 to all but lock up the extra point for fast lap in the race.  David and his Lancia LC2 joined the race again in this heat but was still having some handling issues with his car managing only 61 laps.  The final heat of the day had Brian and his Toyota 88C put in the most laps with a total of 72.

The overall results had Ary at the top with 221 laps, Steve in second with 211 laps and Brian in third with 207 laps.  This is the first time in memory where there was no Porsche on the podium.  Congratulations to the top three runners.

Fourth place was held by Russell with 206 laps, fifth was Randy with 199 laps, sixth was Mark with 198 laps and seventh was David with 190 laps and a race to forget.

The overall results for the series saw some major changes with this round.  There is only one round left for racers to make an impact on the final standings.  I can’t wait to see how it all sorts out.  Please join us April 9th to watch the results live on our YouTube channel.



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