Thunderslot 2022 Race 3 Results

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Okay, above are the results of Thunderslot 2022 Race 3.  More on this race in a moment; but first I need to make some corrections on the first two races.  While I was teching cars for Race 3, I found out why my #21 Andretti Lola had so much downforce.  I had a hidden magnet!  When we started Race 1 this year I pulled out my car after not touching it in two years.  I had noticed in the first two races that I had a lot of downforce.  I thought it was due to my raceworn tires getting the chassis down low.  During Race 3 tech I noticed a magnetic attraction in the middle of the motor pod.  I removed the chassis and saw a double-sided piece of foam tape on the motor pod.  I figured I must have had a weight attached to the pod at some point, but when I pulled up the tape I saw a magnet underneath!  I have no memory of placing it there nor have any reason I might have done so.

In any case, clearly my car was illegal for the first two races.  I tried the car without the extra assist and it was not going to be competitive.  And, as I effectively missed two races, I had no chance in the series championship, so I did not race in the third race.

The corrected finishes in the first two races are listed below.  For the first race Marty moved up to second and David was third.  Everyone but Ary picked up a point more than their original tally.  For Race 2, John was second and Marty was third.

I certainly apologize for running an illegal car, but it was fun to drive!

For Race 3 there were five entries.  These were the race results:




As you can see from above, Once again, Ary won the race.  David was second and Brian was third.  This is the corrected leaderboard after the third race:


Keep in mind that we will only be counting the best 5 out of 6 races for the series championship.  At the midway point in the series, with drops, the leader is still Ary, with 42 points.  David and Marty each have 37 points, John has 36 points, Brian has 35, Randy has 33 and Mark has 31..  Ary certainly has a commanding lead, but, behind him it is very close.

I created a good deal of work for myself in getting all this straightened out and I hope everything is correct.  Please let me know if anyone has any corrections.

The Race 3 YouTube race video can be viewed here:

Austin Slot Car Club -Thunderslot 2022 – Race 3 – March, 26th 2022 – YouTube

Again, I apologize for my mistake.


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