Group C – Race #4

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The fourth round of the Group C series was another fast round with the ambient and track temps both being ideal for some fast times.  The race was once again highlighted by the race between the Lancia’s vs the Porsche’s.

The Lancia LC2’s were super quick with Ary and David once again running at the sharp end of the field.  The only car to match their speed was Marty’s Porsche 962KH.  Behind these three cars was a solid field of cars that were getting better every round as the racers were learning how to set up their cars and controllers for the increased voltage.  Whether it was a change in gearing or an adjustment to a controller, there was more racing and less crashing in this round.  It was more like watching Lewis Hamilton as opposed to Nikita Mazepin.

Along with adjustment to gearing and controllers came the different choices in rear tires.  There was a mix of F30’s, F25’s, and N22’s as racers looked for every possible advantage to increase their lap totals and move to the sharper end of the grid.

The top three cars were all set up very differently and highlight how there is no one clear car or way to set up a car to win in this series.  You can see the differences from the pictures of the top three cars and how they vary in gearing, body and pod screws, and tires.

The fastest lap in this round was good at 3.784 but was not as quick as the fastest time in the series of 3.743.  The winner’s lap totals were good at 224.20 but were not near the record for the series at 227.29.

There are two weeks off between races for Spring Break.  This time will allow all the racers to have a re-set and look at all possible ways to improve their car’s performance before the next round.  Temperatures will be up as well and the track conditions will be very different.  Let’s see if the top runners keep their spots or if they can be chased down by some of the quick mid-pack racers.  I can’t wait to see the next and penultimate round of the series to be held on March 26th at 1:30 pm.

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