Thunderslot Series 2022 Race 2

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The second round of the Thunderslot 2022 series was held on February 19.  The day started out chilly but warmed up as the day went on.  Brian Harriger, in the middle of his plans on returning to Texas, was able to participate in both series that day.  Brian brought his cars out of mothballs and did not have a lot of time to tune them up.  It was great having him back with the club.  We also had a drop-in visit from a new prospective member.

The first heat was mostly uneventful, with John running 72 laps, Randy close behind with 71, and Mark with 70 laps.  Brian joined John and Randy for the second heat and all three drivers turned 73 laps.  Next it was Marty racing with John and Brian.  Marty’s car developed a problem soon after the start.  Marty did the best he could to get the car running right, but suffered a 62 lap finish.  John scored another 73 laps and Brian scored 71 laps.

Ary joined heat four and wasted no time setting a 3.662 second lap on his way to a 78 lap heat.  Marty, with his car repaired did his best but came up just a little short with a very respectable 77 laps.  Brian ran 71 laps.  Heat five was furious, Ary turning an incredible 82 laps with a 3.585 second lap, while Marty and I each ran 77 laps.  Great heat!

For Heat six, Ary ran 81 laps and a series record fast lap of 3.552 seconds.  I turned 77 laps and Mark turned 69 laps.  In the final heat I turned 78 laps, Mark was 71 laps and Randy ran 66.  Ary came out on top with an incredible 241.97 lap total.  All in all a great race to start the day.

Watch the YouTube video of the race here:

Austin Slot Car Club -Group C 2022 – Race 3 – February, 19th 2022 – YouTube

(The race video is incorrectly labeled)

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