2024 Race Series

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I voted buttonOn Saturday, October 28, 2023 the ASCC membership came together to discuss and vote on our 2024 series.  We had some great discussion, one surprise addition, and impassioned pitch on why we probably don’t want to tackle the George Turner cars as a series. (As impressive as they are as models, they aren’t considered suitable for our club series.). We also scheduled each series into its time slot.  Series rules pages will begin to be posted over the coming weeks, but for series that we have run before the rules will remain largely the same so readers can get a sense of how to prepare a car within the rules. (i.e. Group C and BRM Group 2)
Take a look a the table below, check out the available cars, and come race!


Series Scheduled Votes Notes
N/A Slot.it Group C Q1 N/A Standing Annual Series
1 Group B Rally (1/32) Q3 11 SRC Factory Race may subsitute
2 NSR Formula 22 Q4 9
3 Slot.it DTM H1 9
4 BRM Group 2 (1/24) Q2 8
5 BRM GT40 (1/24) H2 6
6 NSR Mosler N/A 5 Consider as one-off or El Piloto race.
7 RevoSlot Group 2 on big track N/A 3
8 BRM Mini Cars N/A 2
9 RevoSlot GT1 N/A 2
10 George Tuner Edward Vintage Race Cars N/A 0 Consensus to drop from consideration.
11 El Piloto Trucks N/A 0 Consensus to drop from consideration.
  Total Votes Cast   55  

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  1. In a brief club meeting today, we set preliminary race managers for the first six months of races next year.
    For Q1, Slot.it Group C: Marty/Randy (pending Marty’s acceptance of the role)

    For H1, Slot.it DTM: David/Steve

    For Q2, BRM Group 2: Mel/Russell


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