Policar Vintage F1 – Race 1 Results

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Policar Vintage F1 Series – Race 1 Results
Saturday, September 21st

The first event in this series was a learning experience. The cars were more durable, and perhaps a wee bit faster than anticipated. There was definitely a learning curve, with multiple open-wheelers on the track being driven in anger, but the heaviest cosmetic damage was the loss of a mirror during practice. There were a couple mechanical failures, both having to do with guide-lead wiring.

Heat 1: A fast start to the race with Marty (Y) Brian H (B), and John (G). Marty was a bit frustrated, getting the feel of his Ferrari, but that did not keep him from completing 69 laps, along with John with his Lotus. Brian was one lap off, with 68

Heat 2: Randy entered the fray on yellow with a March, completing 65 laps, while John on blue, and Marty on green both completed 70 laps.

Heat 3: David C coming in on yellow set the pace with 75 laps with his Yardley B.R.M.. Marty on blue made 70, while Randy completed 65 laps.

Heat 4: Marc T, coming in on yellow completed 68 laps on yellow. Randy, suffering electrical problems with a guide lead completed 48, and David C on green, still tearing it up, completed 73 laps.

Heat 5: Melvin came in on yellow to complete 65 laps. David made it around 74 times, and Marc T completed 71 laps.

Heat 6: Brian returns on yellow to complete 70 laps. Marc made it around 69 times, and Melvin completed 65 laps.

Heat 7: John returns on yellow to complete 70 laps, and Melvin with 66 laps. Brian met with guide-lead trouble in his low-nosed B.R.M. and made 30 laps before the electrical gremlins sent the car to the workbench.

Final results:
David took the top spot with 222.33 laps for the day, and a fast lap of 3.886. Marty second with 210.75 laps, and a fast lap of 4.034. Marc took third spot with 208.91 lap and a fast lap of 4.033. Finishing fourth, on the same lap as Marc, John turned in 208.24 laps with a fast lap of 4.076. Fifth was Melvin with 196.19 laps and a fast lap of 4.207, sixth was Randy with 178.48 laps and a fast lap of 4.271. Brian was seventh after running two strong heats and one terrible mechanical.

It will be interesting to see how subsequent races shape up as we learn more about these cars.


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