Monte Carlo ’71-’82 Series – Stage 3 Results

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Monte Carlo 2023 Stage 3
Saturday, September 2nd

Car Trouble

Another Hot one at HQ for the third stage of the ASCC Monte Carlo revival. The track power worked without issue, but the day was plagued by mechanical problems. There was a total of ten runs, with some members fielding entries in both wide tire (8mm plus rear tire width) and narrow tire (under 8mm rear tire width) classes

Heat 1: David C (Wrong Way) Fly Porsche 911 (-8 class). Overall winner last time out, David’s Boss 911 had a little trouble getting grip in the first heat. Still, David managed a second place overall, and first place in -8mm class for this stage with an overall time of 273.92 seconds, and a best lap of 6.68 seconds.

Heat 2: John B (Lotus Jr.) Fly Porsche 911 (+8 class). John Turned in another smooth, solid run with no drama with his Fly Porshe 911 (+8mm class) with an overall time of 308.74, and best lap of 7 seconds flat, earning a third place for the wide tire class.

Heat 3: Randy A (Bibendum), SRC Porshe 914. (-8mm class) Randy’s “Factory Car” ran into some mechanical trouble, the motor popped out of its cradle leaving the 914 unable to get power to the ground. The motor was re-seated but at a steep time cost. Bibendum managed an overall time of 373.17 seconds and a best lap of 7.71. The boys in Stuttgart were unavailable for comment.

Heat 4:Randy A (Radial T/A) SRC Porsche 914 (+8mm class) Randy is back with another 914. This time, the rally-prepped version. No issues with this car as Randy turned in a 315.34 second overall time with a fast lap of 7.336.

Heat 5: Brian H (Painthorse 2) SCX Renault Alpine a110. (-8mm class) Brian’s little blue Alpine certainly looked sweet on the track with lights blazing. Times were improved over the last outing with an overall time of 347.08 seconds, and a best lap of 7.813.

Heat 6: Marc T (Pat Moss) Scratch-built Renault Alpine a110 (-8mm class) Another Alpine, this one in pink and red livery. Another narrow car with an overall time of 327.25, and fast lap of 7.352 seconds. Not blazing fast, but good enough to place second in class for the day.

Heat 7: Marc T (Datto) Scratch-built Lancia Stratos (+8mm class) The Lancia was fast, but Marc pushed it too hard and there were plenty of deslots. Overall time 305.50 seconds with a best lap of 6.84 which was significantly slower than the previous outing.

Heat 8: Steve B (Klein Mitlied) Modified Revoslot Open Kadett (-8mm class) Steve B joined the fray with a revoslot Opel with a printed chassis, keeping the BRM running gear. This was the first time the Opel ran under its own power, and the car shuddered and quaked, shedding mounting screws as it went. But it did go, and finished the heat with an overall time of 342.81, and a fast lap of 7.42 seconds

Heat 9: Brian H (Painthorse 1) SCX Fiat 124 (+8mm class). The Fiat exhibited problems right out of the gate, not being ablate get any speed. It did speed up after a couple laps, and that’s when we all noticed the burning smell. Brian did finish the 40 laps however with an overall time of 355.47, and a fast lap of 7.82 seconds.

Heat 10: David C (Butch) SRC Porsche 914 (+8mm class) David was predictably quick with the fat-tire 914, turning in the best time of the day with an overall time of 273.929, and a fast lap of 6.528.

We are now at the half-way point in the series. Thanks to everyone who has run so far!


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