BRM Group 2 Race 5

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The BRM Group 2 series is progressing quickly; we are down to one race remaining.  I did some touchup truing on my stock rear tires and my car was ready to go.  Marty returned for Race #5 and was quick but had to settle for second. Once again Mark T was on the podium in third.  Unfortunately, Marty has missed too many races to be a factor in the series.  There are four of us that have raced in all 5 races; if we all compete in the final race, we will each need to delete results for one race.

As I have said before this series has been very competitive, with a lot of great battles on the track.  With the stability of the cars the series has been easy to marshal.

You can watch Race 5 here:

ASCC BRM Group – Race 5 – August 26 2023 – YouTube






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