NSR Abarth 500 Series – Round 2

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The second round of the series had eight racers present with Brian/Painthorse One running his first round of the series.


The weather in Austin has been hot, very hot but the club’s headquarters was very comfortable with our A/C unit working hard to keep us all cool. So, while it was 105 degrees outside it was a nice 82 degrees inside.



This round of the series saw everyone but Marty set a quicker fast lap and quicker overall times. The question is – was this due to the racers being quicker or the change in direction for this round? A coin is flipped at the start of the race to determine what direction the race will run for each round. For this round, the race was run clockwise which usually results in quicker lap times due to the better turns in this direction.

As mentioned, Marty was the only one not to improve his times. This was due to a rare motor pod failure on his car. I guess even those these are scale models of a Fiat 500 they still retain some of the unfortunate mechanical traits of the 1:1 Fiat 500s. At least the failure did not result in a puddle of oil being left on the track.


The race results saw David once again running as the class of the field with his car almost a full half second a lap quicker than the second-place car. David will be difficult to catch in this series. The second-place car was run by John with a super solid time and a great result. Finishing out the podium was Steve with another good race. Steve’s time was only 7.6 seconds behind the second-place car.

Fourth place was Mark, fifth was Randy, sixth was Russell, and seventh was Brian in his first race in the series. Marty’s car finished last and was listed as a DNF with his mechanical issue.

The racing was loads of fun with everyone having a good time running these cool little cars. We are all looking forward to the next round on July 30th at 2:30pm central time. It should be another fun race. You can always watch the races on the club’s YouTube channel in case you can’t make it to our headquarters.


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