Tourist Trophy Revival, sponsored by Immense Miniatures, Race 6 and Final results

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The final round of the Tourist Trophy Revival, sponsored by Immense Miniatures, was held last Saturday.  The results were much the same as recent races.  Marty was the class of the field, winning the race with 209.01 laps.  Mark L. was second with 204.4 laps and scoring a point for fastest lap.  Russell came in third with 198.85 laps.  John, Marc T., and Randy rounded out the field.

Marty, unfortunately, missed the first two races, but won all four of the races he did run.  Even only running four races, he still managed to finish fourth overall for the series.  Mark L. was at the sharp end of the field for the entire series.  Russell started out strong but faded somewhat as the series progressed.  John was never the fastest but his consistency in finishing just behind the leaders, earned him third place overall for the series.  Mark T., hampered by racing with a resin-body car, still put in a respectable finish.  Randy ran the first race with a Fly Ferrari 250 LM with a modified stock chassis.  After a disappointing finish, Randy switched to a Cobra for the remaining races.  Playing catchup in tuning the Cobra, Randy did have some problems, particularly in the final race, when his motor wires were loose in the guide.

Although the podiums were nearly all Ferraris, it was great to see some of the other cars that members raced.  With the 3D printed chassis that are available there is no reason why any number of other TT cars could be just as competitive.  There were long can inlines, short can inlines, and even a sidewinders in the series.  A very enjoyable series to run.  Many thanks to Mark T. for the Immense Miniatures sponsorship.  Mark has podium trophies for the series winners.  I will update this post when we are able to gather the winners with their podium awards.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Watch the final race here: Austin Slot Car Club -Tourist Trophy – Race 6 – December, 11th 2021 – YouTube


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