Slot It Group C Proxy Race #2

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ASCC Group C – Round 2 



by John Breidenbach


The Austin Slot Car Club track conditions were completely different from Round One. Traction had left the building.   Weather upon late morning arrival was a light drizzle in the low 70s.  By the end of racing, it was 83 with bright sunshine.  Overall, the totals were down around 9 laps Times were about two tenths per second higher.   


Marty brought out his orange Jagermeister Porsche and was the class of the field.  His driving skills also brought home several of the poorer handling cars for decent scores.  Ary was button and color commentator.  Steve was north track marshal.  John and Mark were the other two proxy drivers.  


In heat 4, there was huge crash involving the Lancias of Marc and Ary.  Ary ended up over the guardrail in the esses.  Mark’s blue Repco Porsche took the chequered flag in heat 5 with 71 laps.  Another massive crash occurred in heat 7 under the bridge involving Marc and John.  The full throttle impact stiffened the guide action  and loosened the wing of John’s car, but  both were able to continue.   Marty drove John’s Lancia to the heat 7 win with a very strong 74 laps.  


Marty’s Jagermeister Porsche won the overall with 211.68 laps and a best time of  3.871.  John’s Martini Lancia was second with 210.87 laps.  Ary’s Totip Lancia ended with third at 208.24 and 4.008 best time.  Russell’s fast Budweiser Porsche followed with fourth, followed by Mark’s Porsche, Randy’s BFG Porsche  and Marc T’s Lancia.  

Kudos to the video team for another excellent YouTube production.  


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