Texas Slot It DTM Proxy Shootout Race #6 with Final Series Results

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The Final Round

The final round of the Slot It DTM Proxy race was held this past Saturday the 30th of January.  The race results were witness to my earlier point that running the same cars on the same track on a different day can result in very different results.  A cars performance can vary greatly depending on the ambient temperature, track temperature and more importantly the driver’s skill and mindset.  Looking at the results you can see some cars that moved up the standings while some others dropped down.  All the cars were on Slot It’s C1 tires except for Marty and Ary’s Alfa’s.  They were on N22’s with the hope the softer tires would have improved grip on the Houston’s track.  Such was not the case.

The only thing that was consistent was the strong result from Marc’s Mercedes and Russell’s Afla.  Both cars were very well set up and were as stable as you could hope for.  Great to see Paul’s Opel in second place – his highest place in the series.  Alejandro’s series leading Opel had another strong result with a fourth place and enough points to all but guarantee him first place overall.  John’s Opel was in fifth place and Marty’s Alfa finished in sixth place.  Russell Cox’s Mercedes had a great final round finishing in seventh place.  Eighth place had Geoff’s Opel, ninth was Mark’s Opel, tenth was Ary’s Alfa, eleventh was Ken’s Alfa, twelfth was Randy’s Mercedes and thirteenth was David’s Opel.


The Overall Results

The overall results for the series saw some significant changes of position due to one of the proxy rule: “Points from a cars five best races count towards their total”.  This rule allowed every racer to drop their cars worst race result in case they had an unforeseen mechanical issue or an issue with a driver trying to get the feel for driving the car.  This allows a participant to feel better about entering the series knowing they do not have to be perfect in every round to compete for the overall win.

The overall results along with the information showing what round of the series was dropped and how it impacted the final results are attached.  It was great to see a mix of Slot It DTM cars at the top of the final results showing how closely matched these cars are.

Congratulations to Alejandro, Russell and Marc for their great result in the final standings.   All these guys did an amazing job getting their cars set up so that just about anyone could drive them fast on two very different tracks.


Summary of the Event

The Texas Slot It DTM Proxy Shotout was a great series and helped develop a great relationship between the two hard body slot car clubs in the state of Texas.  During these challenging times of COVID and restricted access to clubs, tracks and racing the idea of proxy racing is a fantastic solution to keep people interested in the hobby.  The concept of keeping club members busy working on building a race winning cars is key to keeping clubs alive.  Even if you are not the one doing the racing you can still get excited about seeing your car perform against others.  Proxy’s are a fertile environment for questioning your builds while learning how others are building their cars.  It’s difficult to find a series better suited to learning more about how to set up a car and how others do it.  I strongly suggest other clubs look at putting on small proxy races with other clubs as a way to keep us all racing and sane at the same time.  Hard to beat that combination.



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  1. Marty
    Great article on the DTM Proxy series! Congratulations to everyone. A few clarifications on my car. I ran the same F30 tires in Houston that I ran in Austin. They seemed in good shape and I did not re-true them. I changed the crown gear and added a little weight outboard on the chassis pan on either side of the motor pod. I cut down the wood guide but I did not cut down the depth. Presumably the Houston guys put a stock guide in after my disastrous first Houston race. Kudos to Houston for fixing my car!

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