Slot It Group C Proxy Race #3

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Group C Proxy Round 3 


by Lotus Jr.

After the week of Ice Station Zebra, we returned to HQ and found it to be in good condition.  This is more than we can say for the members residences that were hit hard by the unusually cold temperatures.  The track was faster and cleaner than the last round and allowed the racers to set some fast times.

Racing was competitive as the top three were within a lap of each other.  Marty’s Jagermeister Porsche just took the overall win with 215.83 laps compared to Ary’s Totip Lancia in second with 215.28 laps.  That is a difference of just a half a lap.  John’s Martini Lancia took third on the podium with 214.23 and took the extra point for his fast lap of 3.841 seconds thanks to Ary’s blistering drive.   Following were Russell at 212.12, Mark with 207.21, Marc with 204.37 and Randy with 203.25 laps.   The ASCC proxy crew were Steve running timing and the call button, Marty playing the role of corner marshal and Mark, John and Ary as the proxy drivers.

During practice for the race, we were visited by a man named John, who had seen our website and wished to donate a box of Carrera and Ninco track and accessories to the club.  He intends to become a member when he returns from his work overseas.  Greatly appreciated John!  We look forward to racing with you in the future.


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