NSR Abarth 500 Series – Round 6 & Final Results

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NSR Abarth 500 Series – Round 6 & Final Results

The sixth and final round of the Abarth 500 series had seven competitors running to not only get a good finish in this round of the series but to also try and improve their position in the final standings of the series.

David once again won this round of the series and once again set the fastest lap for the round with a time of 6.578”. Second place saw Erik with another solid round in the series. Unfortunately, he has only run two of the six rounds. He might have been able to give David a run for his money if he had more track time. Third place was Marc with another great run. Marc was another competitor that was only able to run a couple of rounds but made the most out of every appearance. It was great to see these part-time racers at the sharp end of the results.

Fourth place only seven seconds behind third was John with Mark and Randy close behind for fifth and sixth. Steve finished in seventh due to an uncharacteristic mechanical that made it impossible for him to place any higher. It’s a good thing that Steve has run all six rounds of the series and will be able to drop this round so it will not impact his final placing.


Overall Results
The overall standings after the sixth and final round of the Abarth 500 series had the four of the main competitors that had run every round of the series fighting for second and third places on the final podium while the top spot on the final podium was already a cold hard lock as David had proved from the first round that he was just too fast for anyone to catch. David had an amazing run with first-place finishes in each of the six rounds as well as setting the fastest lap in every round of the series. Congratulations David!

The second overall spot was won by Steve with his consistent performances in every round but the final one. Third place was Randy with six solid runs. When asked about his car’s performance, Randy was quick to point out that his BF Goodrich tires were the secret to his success. Way to go Randy.

Fourth place in the series was Mark only 3.166” behind Randy. That is amazingly close for such a long series. Mark had some challenging races and then had some really strong outings. Watching it was like Forrest Gump said when talking about his box of chocolates – “you never know what you are going to get”. It was a good run for Mark and a good overall finish.

Russell took the fifth and final spot in the overall standings with some solid runs that saw him struggle with the handling of the Abarth. When asked about the performance of his car he was heard to say “I will take a Chaparral over that car any day of the week and twice on Sunday”.

All of the competitors above completed the required five rounds of the series to be classified in the final overall standings. The competitors that followed were ranked first by the number of rounds they completed and then by the average time they completed their laps within.

The first of the competitors outside of the mandatory five rounds was John with four rounds completed and a final overall placing of sixth. John had some great rounds in the series and was on track to take second overall if he had run one more round. Marc also completed four rounds and finished just behind John – only 14 seconds behind him over the four rounds or 160 laps. Marc’s sixth-round series performance was great and showed how quick he can be.

Brian and Tanner were eighth and ninth respectively. Brian had some car issues early on in the series but was able to get them resolved and was running some great times at the end of the series. Unfortunately, prior obligations made it difficult for him to run all the rounds of the series. Tanner, the club’s newest member, did a great job for someone that had never run slot cars in a competitive environment and on such a challenging track. Can’t wait to see him running on the road track in future series.
Erik took tenth place but that does not do an adequate job of telling the story of how good he was in the series. Erik was only able to run two rounds in the series but he made the most out of each outing. He did a great job of setting up his car and an even better job of racing it considering his limited time running on the club’s rally track. He was great car control and it showed with his great series times and fast lap times. It would have been great to see him run a few more rounds.

The final place was Marty with his car which never seemed to work. It was unfortunate to see him struggle but that is the way racing goes sometimes. As they say “sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug”.

This was a great series and everyone is looking forward to running on the rally track again next year. It will be interesting to see what classes the club chooses to run. No matter what it is I am sure it will be another great series. I can’t wait.

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