Important News About the Club and Our 2024 Racing Calendar

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In an effort to complete the required work on the club’s rally track the club has decided to use the race dates in Q2 as workdays for everyone to come together to help complete the work on the rally track.

In light of this change to the clubs racing calendar, the club voted to adjust the 2024 race schedule to account for the lack of races in Q2. Here are the three changes approved by the club.
1. Drop the BRM GT40 series from H2 as well as the 2024 calendar.
2. Move the Group B series from a Q3 series to an H2 series.
3. Move Group 2 to the Q3 series spot.
4. Run the three remaining DTM races in Q3 on the same dates as our club meetings.

Work on the rally track will be headed up by Marc Tyler – in charge of all the landscaping for the rally track and Russell – in charge of all the track routing, painting, and braid installation. Steve and Ary will be in charge of the power, timing, and the drivers station.

Work updates will be posted to the club’s website just like any of our races. We are looking forward to getting the rally track completed with new braid and full track landscaping.

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