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2012 Slot.it Challenge – 60’s Prototypes: Round#2 Results

Round 2 of the 2012 Slot.It Challenge was run last Saturday.  This time my lone Chaparral 2E joined the competition against an array of Ford GTs, not unlike my first time at the 1966 Sebring 12 Hours where 2 Chaparrals raced against 8 Ford GTs and some privateer Ferraris.  In the first heat, Marty (Porsche917)…

Round 5 of the 4th Quarter Slot.it Challenge

Saturday, December 3, was a busy day at the track. Cliff and Don came down from Sun City and Brett brought his newly purchased Alfa for help with set-up.  Cliff and Brent are our newest members.  Welcome to the club!  It was pretty hectic as we were also testing our cars for the races.  I…

Round 2 of the 4th Quarter Slot.it Challenge

Well, I do have to admit, the Porsche-Chaparral was hooked up for the second round of 4th quarter Slot.It Challenge.  As my first set of  Shore 30’s on the rear have worn smaller and smaller, the car seems to have picked up speed.    That, combined, with a day when I was “in the zone,” resulted…

Pictures From Thursday Night

  After experimenting Thursday night, I have an idea a better idea on camera settings for taking action photos at the track.  Some shots, like the one above, came out OK.  Others showed the promise of what could be achieved with better settings.  I should be able to do much better next time. Russell

Fly Ferrari GTO Slot.It Converson Project

Soon after the release of the Slot.It Ford GT I started looking to see what other cars the chassis might fit. The Fly Ferrari GTO, of which there are many variations, is a near-perfect fit. These cars have beautiful bodies but with the front-mounted motors, the cars don’t run well without magnets. Replacing the Fly chassis with the Slot.It sidewinder chassis promised to work much better. The BRM wire wheels really add the finishing touch.