2023 BRM Group 2 Race 3

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My Alfa ran so well in the first race that I did not touch a thing on it before the second race, with good results.  For race # 3, I did not follow one of the cardinal rules, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  I removed the chassis, cleaned up the inside of the body, and oiled the axles.  I knew that we were not supposed to use lighter fluid when truing urethane tires, but I did not know that you should not use lighter fluid to clean the tires, either.  When I put the car on the track for practice, it was sliding all over the place and I could not break 5 seconds.  I kept running, and slowly the lap times started to come down, not quite where it was, but I hoped it would continue improving during the race.

With my car slower, and the other drivers improving, the results were closer than they had been.  I still came across in first, Brian was second again, and Marc T was third and set fastest lap.  It was another fun race, with lots of action and few deslots.

The race video can be viewed here:

ASCC BRM Group 2 – Race 3 – July 29 2023 – YouTube


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