Monte Carlo ’71-’82 Series – Stage 2 Results

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Monte Carlo 2023 Stage 2
Saturday, August 5th

It was a hot August afternoon at the track as we gathered for the second stage of the 2023 Monte Carlo Rally. The event took place after the BRM GRP 2 event, so it was the heat of the afternoon by the time the rally event started. The coin was tossed, and the track was set in the clockwise direction.

First up was Randy (Radial T/A) with an SRC Porsche 914 (+8mm class). After taking a couple of laps to get up to speed, Randy had a consistent run with few deslots. Total time for 40 laps: 320.9 seconds, with a 7.34 second best lap.


Next was Marc T. (Datto) with a scratch-built Lancia Stratos (+8mm class). The Lancia had a good run with not too many deslots for a total time of 279.89 seconds, and a fast lap of 6.76 seconds.

Brian (Painthorse One) up next driving an SCX Fiat 124 (+8mm class). This was the first time out for Brian and the Fiat, turning in a total time of 381.09 seconds, and a fast lap of 8.51 seconds.

Next was Mel with his modified Scaleauto De Thomaso Pantera (+8mm class). Mel was blisteringly fast, unfortunately, there was an electrical problem on the track during Mel’s heat that left the track without power for about 8 seconds. Mel decided to decline a re-do on a subsequent race day, but the heat still produced a race record 6.63-second lap and 286.4 seconds total time.

Randy again (Bibendum) with another SRC 914 (-8mm class), in more of a stock setup. The little red car was much smoother than it was on its initial outing and turned in a time of 328.2 seconds with a fast lap of 7.43 seconds

Marc Returns (Pat Moss) with a scratch-built Renault Alpine a110 (-8mm class). The track power issue cropped up again briefly during this heat. That and the narrow car’s tendency to roll kept the lap times from getting very fast, with a total time of 344.24, and a fast lap of 7.43 seconds.

John B up next (Lotus Jr.) with a Fly Porsche 911 with printed chassis. (+8mm class). A solid, consistent run. Fast with few mistakes, turning in a total time of 315.53, and fast lap time of 6.88 seconds.

David C (Wrong Way) up with his narrow tire entry, a (MFR?) Porsche 911 (-8mm class), and blindingly fast. with a 267.43 overall time, and a fast lap of 6.40 seconds.

Jay next with his printed, scratch-built Lancia Stratos. (+8mm class). The last outing was a DNF with a printed part failure, but this time out the heat was completed, turning in a total time of 397.5 seconds, and a fast lap of 8.09.

Brian returns (Painthorse II) with an SCX Renault Alpine a110 (-8mm class). With some attention to tires, the little car was much smoother than in practice outings. Brian turned in a total time of 363.7 seconds and a fast lap of 9.05.

Next up again is David C (Butch) with another SRC Porsche 914. David was fast, as expected with the 914, consistent with few mistakes, with an overall time of 272.4 seconds, and a fast lap of 6.50 seconds. It’s interesting to note that David’s narrow tire car bested the wide tire car this time out.

A hot day at the track with some surprises, and a couple of hiccups.


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