2023 BRM Group 2 Race 2

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The second race of the BRM Group 2 Series was every bit as much fun as the first, perhaps tempered by my finishing position.  My Alfa was running so well at the first race, I did not touch it for the second race.  Curiously, when I weighed it the car had gained 6 grams.  When I weighed it before I must have had one of the tires touching the stationary metal portion in the middle of the scale.  Even with this I was still the lightest car.  I don’t know what weights other have added, but I suspect the weight disparity is due to added weights rather than differing car weights out-of-the-box.  Once again, the competition was strong and the cars were stable with few de-slots.  I was able to take the win, followed by Brian, and a terrific run by Melvin for third place.  Brian and Melvin were separated by only .18 laps and the spread between John, Mark, and Randy was only .4 laps.

It is unfortunate that, with two races in the books, anyone joining the series now will be too disadvantaged to place in the series, but they could still go for race wins.


Russell Top


Russell Bottom

Brian Top

Brian Bottom

John Top

Marc Top

Marc bottom



Melvin Top



Melvin Bottom

Randy Top

Randy Bottom


You can watch the (mis-labeled) You Tube video here:

ASCC Monte Carlo ’71-’82 – Race 2 – July 15 2023 – YouTube



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