2011 Slot.it Challenge Championship Results

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First, some statistics:  Over the course of 2011 the seven drivers competing in the first annual series ran 24 races composed of 149 heats.  They logged 12.25 hours of track time in temperatures ranging from the upper 30’s in February to just shy of 100 degrees in July and August, completing a combined total of 25,488.67 laps.  Together, the drivers fielded over 30 different cars, testing and tuning each one to the best of their abilities for each race.  When the final checkered flag was shown on the afternoon of December 17, 2011 one driver finished ahead of all the rest.

Contratulations to Ary, the Austin Slot Car Club’s first recipient of the Annual Slot.it Challenge award.  Ary won the title handily with 175 points and 4,281.70 laps driving a wide range of Slot.it Group C cars that included the Lancia LC2, Jaguar XJR9, and Porsche 956C.

A hearty congratulations also goes out to our second and third place finishers: Marty and Shawn.  Marty secured second place by earning 149 points driving driving a Jaguar XJR9 and Porsche 962KH earned a third place finish by tallying up a total of 147 points driving several Group C Porsches.  A squeaky-close finish after so much racing!

Photo: Marty, Ary and Shawn.


It was a great year of fun competition amongst a great bunch of guys in which we learned a lot about our new track, tuning cars, and driving techniques. We are all looking forward to next year’s competition as we welcome new drivers to the field and hone our skills in the four classes represented in the Slot.it line: 60’s Classics, 70’s Prototypes, Group C, and Modern GT.



  5 comments for “2011 Slot.it Challenge Championship Results

  1. Was there ever any doubt who would end up Top Dawg?

    Congrats to Ary……..Thank you for the butt whuppin’s you layed on all of us. If you hadn’t “throttled back” in Q4, the margin would certainly be more than 28 points.

    The club as a whole came a long way in 2011. It wasn’t that long ago a 4.0 lap was a dream along with a 70 lap heat…….

    I’m looking forward to seeing new classes in 2012.  Mille Miglia in Q2 will be a new experience if we do decide to race it clockwise.

    Jim J. 

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