Tourist Trophy Revival, Sponsored by Immense Miniatures, Race 4

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Race 4 of the 2021 Tourist Trophy Revival once again saw Marty on top, followed by Russell, then Mark.  Marty’s car is very quick and it was unfortunate that he missed the first two races, a deficit to big to overcome.



I must apologize for the post of Race 3.  The overall leaderboard results are incorrect; Race 2 results were not included.  The correct leaderboard, as of Race 4, is shown below.  Keep in mind that only 5 results for any racer will be counted.  For those that will drive all 6 races, one race must be dropped, so the leaderboard will change with the drops.

See the You Tube video of the race here: Austin Slot Car Club – Tourist Trophy Revival – Race 4 – October, 16th 2021 – YouTube

Two races to go!

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